Hire Qualified Community Managers

A growing number of companies are starting to utilize the services of community manager social media — they change from being a generic brand to one that has a genuine concern for its audience, raising awareness and customers’ loyalty.

In this article, you’ll discover what type of community management you need, how to hire a community manager, and how much this might cost you.

What Type of Community Management Does Your Business Need?

Community management helps to build a community correctly and effectively through a well-thought strategy and guidance for achieving the established goal.

Based on the leading objective, there are six primary types:

  • Mutual Support

Encourage customer assistance and communication among themselves on a forum or a website.

This type of community management is excellent for businesses with an extensive product range or a complex product, such as a software firm.

  • Proactive Feedback 

Establish a secure environment where your target audience and existing customers may express their opinions and improvement ideas through surveys or other ways.

Every decent company needs feedback from consumers and potential consumers to improve its brand.

  • Sincere Advocacy

Communicate directly with the clients, brand fans, internal workers, and brand ambassadors as they stimulate creating brand recognition and provide free promotion for you.

Industries like service, travel, clothes, and game production can benefit from a community relations manager fostering brand loyalty.

  • Content Creation

Encourage users, clients, and brand ambassadors to make UGC material, whether photos, videos, or graphics.

UGC works excellently as another type of review; potential users see the actual usage of a product or service by others, so most businesses can significantly benefit from it. 

  • Social Media Presence

Foster a sense of community among your supporters and consumers on social media platforms.

It’s crucial to be on the same page with the competitors who already have an active community on social media.

Businesses that try to increase brand awareness can achieve this goal faster with a social and community service manager and a PPC specialist.

  • Bonding within the Company

Building an internal community among workers and partners raises corporate morale and an overall happy work environment.

Every company with a team of more than two people should utilize this type of community management. 

Common Community Management Skills and Responsibilities

By establishing a community management plan at your business, you’ll be able to provide a secure environment where your clients, supporters, staff, and followers can communicate, give you feedback, connect, and grow.

A community moderator resume should have such a skill set:

  • strong self-management skills;
  • outstanding interpersonal abilities to comprehend user personas;
  • the ability to analyze data, do market research, and make suggestions to obtain valuable client insights;
  • have deep domain knowledge and be the primary brand ambassador out of love for the brand;
  • knowledge of community management tools, to do the job better and faster. Tools depend on the tasks a social and community service manager handles, for instance, Canva, Discord, Slack, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and Tailwind.

Typical duties for positions as community managers are: 

  • working closely with the CEO to manage the outreach budget;
  • making accurate reports and paperwork and submitting them;
  • establishing, organizing, and putting into action social media initiatives and strategies;
  • creating captivating text content for the social media profiles and a website. It should be SEO optimized, so a technical SEO consultant should help.
  • planning events for brand recognition;
  • establishing connections with clients, business leaders, and journalists;
  • taking part in external events to make relevant connections.

If you seek a social media community manager, community outreach manager, or online community moderator, the responsibilities must be specified accordingly.

Benefits of Outsourcing Community Management to Professionals

Depending on your community strategy and business goals, you might need one part-time community manager, full-time, or even a team. 

With outsourcing, besides a reliable and skillful worker, you get several benefits: 

  • Access to professional solutions

To be the best on the market, outstaffing companies have cutting-edge tools and equipment. Their talent pool has access to those and can perform much better, bringing high results.

  • Adaptability according to project needs

When hiring a full-time in-house specialist, you must ensure the community content moderator has enough tasks for a long period; otherwise, you’ll be losing money. A freelance community development manager can be more flexible and work according to the list of pre planned tasks, not hourly based. Same as, for example, part time remote CMO.

  • Efficiency and productivity  

Outsourcing community management means focusing on other crucial jobs and not worrying if the manager is doing everything right and on time. You can decide how much of your time to spend managing the community moderator — in any case, the results will be satisfying.  

How to Hire a Community Manager: 6-Step Process

Here are some suggestions to consider if you want to recruit and hire a community manager that is genuinely talented for your business:

1. Choose a goal.

Pick the one primary type of community management mentioned above and start from there. Make it clear in the job description that the community manager will be primarily in charge of achieving this aim.

2. Build the community manager’s ideal persona.

Choose a needed skill set that will ensure you the professionalism of a candidate. Set a list of main responsibilities, and be specific so those candidates who don’t feel interested in doing these tasks won’t take your time on interviews. 

3. Ensure openness.

Make sure the community manager’s job description clearly outlines the company’s beliefs, mission, benefits, and organizational structure. You want to find a specialist with whom it will be easy to communicate and avoid any negativity.

4. Hold an interview.

Look for passion, enthusiasm, and love for your brand. Note that an online community moderator with a strong background but no idea what your company does will not be a good fit.

5. Offer a test exercise.

Ask the applicants to demonstrate their strategy through creation. A community manager is, first of all, about effective communication. Think of a test assignment that would open up that skill.

6. Deliver your offer.

You have discovered the ideal candidate after all this time and numerous applicants. Create a helpful onboarding process to inspire loyalty in your new hire.

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Online Community Manager

These are five questions you can ask during interviews. The answers here are for you to rely on. 

  1. Q: What would you do if you saw that user participation in your online community was starting to dwindle?

A: Assess the information to find any patterns or problems. Examine metrics like page views, time spent on the site, and the number of posts; examine the content people interact with; develop new information that better satisfies the demands.

  1. Q: How well do you comprehend our organization’s target demographic?

A: A candidate should tell if they know who your audience is and share the knowledge of tools that can help gather information. 

  1. Q: What led you to pursue a career in community management? 

A: Hire community manager if they are passionate about their work. They should tell about the path that led them to this very moment.

  1. Q: Name the main metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of an online community.

A: Quantity: number of engaged users, average platform usage duration, and frequency of user engagement. Quality: degree of member happiness, the caliber of the talks occurring, and the general attitude towards the community. 

  1. Q: Our goal is to position our online community as a market leader. What actions would you take to achieve this objective?

A: Develop a stimulating and friendly environment for community members. Establish connections with influential people online and make them ambassadors. Organize online events.

Community Engagement Manager Salaries 

Here’s an average monthly community manager salary in different regions:

Germany$3785 $5142$5871

Managers from Ukraine are the best choice. 

Note that social media community manager salary or community moderator salary can vary depending on the scope of work.

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