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We are happy to assist you in hiring a dedicated HR team in Ukraine.

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We are a trusted partner on human resources BPO to a multitude of international businesses. It is an incredibly beneficial opportunity for small and medium-sized companies looking for administrative help and delegation of their HR tasks.

The benefits outsource human resources companies provide include:

  • Cost reduction for hiring;
  • Access to highly skilled talent;
  • Admin and payroll management;
  • HR compliance;
  • Risk and talent management.

As an outstaffing agency, we will recruit outsourced HR support for your business at reasonable pricing.

Industry Expertise

When it comes to recruiting a dedicated HR team, we work across multiple industries, such as:

Why Choose Us

We are a trusted outstaffing provider with 10+ years of experience in recruiting top Ukrainian talent for international businesses:


A decade of experience allows us to find the best remote HR for your specific needs

Price to Quality Ratio

Outsourced HR services are beneficial financially, and we make sure that they do not break your budget

Custom Approach

Whether you need one professional or an entire dedicated HR team, we’ll recruit specialists that fit your unique requirements

Convenient Location

Ukraine is a perfect destination for outsourcing because it is located in Europe and offers minor time zone differences

Remote HR Team

Remote HR Specialists

One of the significant advantages of partnering with us is that we offer the opportunity to build your own team from scratch. Whatever expertise and experience you are looking for, we make sure to find them for you. We can recruit such outsourced HR support specialists as:

  • Employment specialist;
  • HR recruiter;
  • HR coordinator;
  • Recruitment manager;
  • HR generalist;
  • Payroll and benefits professional;
  • HR compliance expert;
  • Employee training manager;
  • HRIS professional;
  • Talent manager;
  • Risk manager, etc.

Maybe you want to delegate a part of HR tasks to the outsourced team or all of them; it is all up to your decision. We only make sure to find experts for the job.

The Strategic Leverage of Hiring Remote HR Specialists

Amplifying Efficiency with Outsource Hospitality HR Services

The hospitality industry, characterized by its dynamic nature, can greatly benefit from hiring remote HR specialists. By opting to outsource hospitality HR services, companies can streamline operations, eliminate redundancies, and ensure a steady focus on quality service provision. The remote HR team, armed with domain-specific knowledge, efficiently navigates the unique challenges of the hospitality industry, delivering bespoke solutions that enhance overall organizational efficiency.

Reinforcing Retail Sector with Outsourced Retail HR Support

Retail, a sector marked by high employee turnover rates and seasonal fluctuations, necessitates a robust HR framework. By engaging remote HR specialists via outsourced retail HR support, businesses can effectively manage these challenges. The remote HR professionals, with their expertise in retail industry nuances, offer strategic guidance and practical support, ensuring smooth HR operations irrespective of the retail cycle's ebbs and flows.

Access to Expertise with Remote HR Services

Hiring remote HR specialists provides businesses with instant access to a pool of talent and expertise that might not be readily available in-house. These remote HR services are delivered by professionals who are abreast with the latest HR trends, regulations, and best practices. Consequently, they can provide innovative and compliant solutions, enhancing the organization's HR function's efficiency and effectiveness.

Driving Logistics Industry with Outsource Logistics HR Services

In the logistics sector, the HR function plays a critical role in workforce management, safety compliance, and operational efficiency. Choosing to outsource logistics HR services to remote specialists allows these businesses to benefit from niche expertise and technology-driven solutions. The remote HR team's industry-specific knowledge and skills facilitate efficient HR management, ensuring compliance, reducing risks, and improving overall productivity.

Strengthening Support with Outsourced Logistics HR Support

Ensuring a smooth HR function in logistics can be a complex task, given the industry's unique labor needs and regulatory landscape. Outsourced logistics HR support can be a game-changer here, providing expert assistance to handle HR tasks effectively. The remote HR specialists, with their proficiency in logistics HR management, deliver targeted support that boosts operational efficiency and ensures regulatory compliance.

Enhancing Hospitality Sector with Outsourced Hospitality HR Support

In the fast-paced hospitality industry, managing HR tasks efficiently while keeping up with industry standards and regulations can be challenging. By opting for outsourced hospitality HR support, businesses can alleviate these challenges. Remote HR professionals, well-versed in hospitality HR management, deliver custom solutions that improve HR operations, enhance employee satisfaction, and ultimately, elevate the level of guest service.

Revolutionizing Retail with Outsource Retail HR Service

By leveraging outsource retail HR service, retailers can navigate the sector's unique HR challenges, from managing seasonal workforce fluctuations to ensuring effective talent management. Remote HR specialists, equipped with retail industry knowledge and expertise, deliver tailored solutions that increase efficiency, improve employee retention, and ultimately, drive business growth.

Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability through Remote HR Services

One of the most compelling benefits of hiring remote HR specialists is the potential for cost savings and scalability. Outsourcing eliminates the need for physical office space and overhead costs associated with in-house HR teams. Furthermore, businesses can easily scale up or down their HR services in response to changing needs, without the constraints of a fixed staff structure. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in industries with fluctuating HR demands, such as hospitality, retail, and logistics. Thus, remote HR services provide an adaptable, cost-effective solution that aligns with the dynamic nature of today's business environment.

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