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Document annotation is a necessary step in machine learning. Computers need a wide area of data to explore the world and learn to perform specific tasks. Here is where text annotation comes in handy.

It might take some time to annotate a text, not to mention a pile of them. It is a time-consuming and tedious job that will draw your in-house resources from the core of the company’s activity. Do not worry, we’ve got a perfect solution for you – text annotation outsourcing.

We are an experienced outstaffing company that can recruit the best professionals for your own remote annotation team.

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Industry Expertise

Why Clients Choose Us

We are a trusted outstaffing provider with 10+ years of experience in recruiting dedicated teams for international businesses.

Extensive Expertise

A decade of experience in outstaffing allows us to find suitable professionals in text annotation service for any project, no matter how specific your requirements are

Price to Quality Ratio

We ensure the best price to quality ratio, where you get excellent performance of outsource text annotation services for a reasonable price

Convenient Location

Ukraine is located in the middle of Europe, which makes it a perfect partner for the EU countries in terms of time, distance, and cultural similarity

Top Talent

We know all ins and outs of the local employment market and are happy to recruit top talent to annotate the text for you

Remote Text Labelers

Specialists We Recruit

Our team is proud to find any type of expert in outsource text annotation your project might require, for example:

  • Annotation file specialist;
  • Optical Care Recognition (OCR) team;
  • Text transcription professionals;
  • Classification and categorization team;
  • Tagging experts (name-entity recognition);
  • Sentiment analysis team;
  • Multi-lingual specialists;
  • Project managers;
  • Administrative support staff, etc.

Whether you are in need of a couple of remote employees or you want to build a self-standing team, we are ready to assist you.

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If you are ready to build your text annotation team for outsourcing text annotation services with us, then

  • Contact us. Get in touch via email or phone, whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Discuss requirements. Tell out representatives all about the team you want. As soon as we gather your needs and expectations, we’ll start recruiting.
  • Approve candidates. We recruit the best, and you choose who to make a final offer to. Select employees from excellent candidates we’ve found.
  • Sign agreement. It is time to finalize the hire by setting goals/tasks and signing a contract.
  • Manage the team. You can control remote employees directly while we offer administrative support.