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We are proud to recruit top Ukrainian specialists for document scanning and digitization as well as management.

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Digital Document Management Solutions

Long gone are the days when all the documents were stored on paper. All those endless boxes, printers, and whole warehouses filled with papers are no longer needed. Digital document solutions are much more efficient and require less maintenance. If you are ready to go digital, it is necessary to digitize the existing paper documents.

There is no reason to solve this issue in-house. It can be extremely time-consuming and tedious. But document digitization companies and specialists can do it faster, better, and for a reasonable price.

We offer excellent outstaffing services for documents digitization solutions and projects. We’ll find suitable experts for your needs among Ukrainian talent.

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Why Clients Choose Us

We are an outstaffing company with 10+ years of experience in recruiting dedicated teams for businesses all over the globe.

We Offer:

Extensive Expertise

A decade of experience makes us confident that we’ll find any type of professional for your project. Whether you are interested in experts working with specific document digitization software or teams ready to do it manually, we’ve got your back.

Outstanding Quality

Digital document management will be a breeze with our assistance. We also ensure reasonable pricing without compromising on quality.

Top Talent

Any digital document manager we offer is a top-level specialist in the field. We recruit only the best expert in document digitization service for you.

Comfortable Management

Document digitization company or partner should not only be credible but available. Ukraine is located in Europe which offers easy travel, little to no time differences, and cultural similarity.

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Digital Document Solution Experts

One of the main benefits of recruiting a custom team for document management and digitization purposes is that you decide on what specialists you need. And we’ll be happy to find them for you. We’ll gather a team that can easily provide full-cycle help:

  • Analysis of requirements and needs;
  • Collection and sorting of papers;
  • Document scanning;
  • Manual proofreading and conversion to the digital format of choice;
  • Document indexing and organization.

We’ll find the best experts to nail document digitization and make your business processes faster and more efficient.

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How does it work? Everything is pretty simple:

  • Get in touch via email or phone;
  • Tell about your requirements to our representatives;
  • Approve candidates we’ve found for you and decide who to hire;
  • Sign an agreement with future employees and manage your team directly! And if you need administrative support for the team, we are happy to help.