Benefits of Hiring a Remote PPC Specialist for Your Business

Marketing owns a plethora of proven strategies to ensure that a product or a service gains enough awareness and interested prospects turn into potential clients. PPC (pay-per-click) method intricately implemented by the PPC experts helps companies enhance their market presence and attract more clients.

This advertising model requires a thoughtful PPC specialist who can develop a true strategy that can not only produce profitable outcomes but outrun serious competition within a given niche. It is indeed important to make sure that the ad shown is shown to the right audience and the way this right audience will want to press the click button.

Immediate and consistent results will be visible only when the company decides to cooperate with PPC specialists since implementing a PPC method to enhance the selling potential of the business demands sure jewelry work carrying out the latest business tendencies combined with each company’s individual needs. 

Pay per click managers deliver a strategic plan that aligns with a particular business goal, target audience, and channels of reach. Delegating a PPC campaign to a skillful and experienced PPC advertising management equals business expansion, market influence, and consistently amplified ROIs. 

Let’s learn who the best PPC expert is and how to hire one underpinning the search by getting to know about the major benefits supplied by dealing with a remote PPC specialist.

Why a PPC Manager Is Important to Hire

Do you know that Google Ads has an 8:1 ROI? This is a direct path to calling PPC a cost-effective marketing strategy. Let’s proceed. 209.49 billion was earned by Google through the Google Ads platform, which logically means that it is extremely popular among the users, business users, who figured a profitable influence of the strategy. Businesses get 68% of the revenue when having their ads appear on Google Ads. 84% of PPC specialists presently use or plan to use Google’s new responsive search ads. 

Well, to enhance this statistics and bring even more to the table of the company, it is clear that PPC is used, trusted, and expected to be included in the company’s marketing budget on quite a priority. However, to get the most out of its advertising method it is critical for the company to hire a PPC manager, no matter whether we talk about freelance PPC, or outsource PPC specialists. 

The importance of this professional on the team is crucial, since figuring out how to develop an indeed clickable product (think of all the analytics, research, testing, etc.) will take a great deal of time, money, and energy that could be invested in core creative aspects of the business. Any size and purpose company needs a pay per click manager who is on a first-name basis with Google, with the concept of target demographics and is excellent with words. Otherwise, there is a big and sad chance to miss on the opportunity of implementing a high-value proven marketing campaign accompanied by sky-rocketing revenues. 

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Specifics of the Job of a PPC Campaign Manager

A previous passage has planted thinking seeds into the soil ready to accept decisions upon getting per click management service PPC with all the promised cost-effectiveness and increased revenues at the immediate pace after implementation. It is legit and worthy of pursuing. 

Yet, it is also legit and important to have a clear vision of the functional responsibility of the PPC expert who will handle the account management PPC. When businesses hire social media managers, they do know what the person will be dealing with, because more or less the social media features for business are known to the users. With PPC managed services, it is important to dig deeper into the job description and the cost of social media manager. After all, the company must comprehend what PPC management services pay is given for.

So, here is what PPC freelancers or in-house PPC employees are expected to be doing:

  • Management, reviews, the account’s performance check, and suggest any changes for performance improvement.
  • Account metrics maintenance – keyword bids, target clientele, budget situation, impressions amount, quality levels, etc. 
  • Monitoring of the huge keyword list development.
  • Engagement in a creative side of the campaign (creative suggestions copy, graphical templates for the ad, etc.)
  • Cross-platform lists placement.
  • Flexible approach implementation (campaign outline, keywords modifications depending on audience preferences change, or new features to the product added).
  • Complex management of paid search campaigns, social media campaigns, ad groups, and assistance in the creation of paid search marketing strategies.
  • Monitored reporting of the metrics indicators (revenues, clients, goals, etc.)
  • Consistent update of the latest tendencies for strategic PPC implementation. 
  • Reporting tools profound expertise and practical application of those.
  • Close communication with the project team.
  • Mitigation of the fraud-clicking risks.
  • A decent command of different PPC ad vendors and platforms.
  • KPI tracking and issues resolving.

Whether the business decides to outsource PPC services (outsourced processes are very popular among the companies, like market research outsourcing, outsourced development, marketing outsourcing for saving time, money, and adding more quality to the final outcomes), or hire in-house specialists permanently, it becomes much easier for the company to come up with relevant manager interview questions hire experience.

The Most Popular Ad Platforms PPC Manager Works With

Let’s be honest, somehow (and there is a good reason for that) we always refer to Google search engine as the major place to be for PPC generating success from. However, there is a bounty of other platforms that assist in producing not less successful results due to the impressive amount of users accumulating there. 

Let’s have a look at the most rocking ones.

  • Google Ads. Google Ads have been mentioned already as being the most popular among businesses. The reason is that Google Ads allows billions of searches daily and Google Display Network places a huge number of websites.
  • Microsoft Ads. Microsoft Ads platform provides tools for ad experts to move Google Ads campaigns to MS Ads with way more simplified algorithms for starting.
  • YouTube. YouTube has the potential to reach more than 2 billion of global users monthly, which provides advertisers with an excellent opportunity to reach the target clientele seamlessly with an impressive level of efficiency.
  • Facebook Ads. Facebook is a powerful tool for advertising, permitting retargeting through on and off Facebook activity. 2.6 billion people utilize this platform monthly. It does not only allow targeting a potential clientele in general. The targeting process is broken into targeting pieces (demographics, interests, behaviors).
  • Instagram Ads. Instagram ad campaigns are run with the Facebook ads platform. The difference is in the age of users that might be a more beneficial audience for certain products or services.
  • LinkedIn Ads. LinkedIn concentrates on providing so many valuable resources to advertise for the professional sector.

It is obvious that the Google search engine comes as the top-front area to place ads and expect action over them. To add more platforms to the advertising campaign will depend on the business goals, current requirements, and the budget respectively. Hiring a PPC expert spares the company from trying and failing with searching for the most optimal solutions.

Possible Ways to Hire a PPC Manager to Work Remotely

There can be so many various difficulties when running a business successfully, but when there is a need to resolve a staff shortage situation the global market of proven specialists offers solutions to fill any employment gaps with a top-quality expert who can meet the requirements and do the job exactly as the project demands.

The most important thing is that such a specialist can be found either in the vicinity of the company’s HR department, for example, some ad gem from the floor below, or thousands of kilometers from the HR people due to the magnificence and great value of the remote way of working. 

Also, there is a big chance that the company may already be outsourcing HR functions, therefore, it will have no problem with PPC outsourcing. The options are rich in their amount, the major task is to select the one that will satisfy all the business parameters. 

Let’s have a look at a more organized clarification of what ways are authorized and legit to rely on in regards to hiring a PPC specialist. 

Here are the 3 most utilized ways to enhance staffing potential:

#1 –  Local hiring of PPC experts

The biggest advantage of this hiring model is that the company gets the chance to hire a specialist who clearly gets what’s going on around. This person or a team of people belongs to the environment and knows the hidden peculiarities on the mental, professional, business, and communication levels. 

It is, of course, easier to deal with an employee who gets the local joke, and also knows how to turn things around profit-wise, since he/she knows the people the product is developed for. However, there is also a possibility that such multilevel specialists might ask for exorbitant compensation for their services, and might be operating a limited set of skills dealing with tasks within the limited professional challenges. 

#2 – PPC freelancer hiring

If the company has never dealt with the freelance world of hiring, then it is quite a mystery how the company paved its way to success. Fairly, the freelance market grants an excellent opportunity to contract an expert, who will elevate the PPC marketing activity to a level that the company has never known before. 

Especially now, when the tendency to pursue a freelance career has moved from a “side hustle” mode to a wholesome job situation. More and more people choose freelance to satisfy their professional needs, even if their working background can brag of dozens of years of immaculate corporate experience. The majority of those listed on the freelance platforms do worship their professional image and client reviews therefore they are always engaged in doing their job with outstanding outcomes alongside constant growth, upgrades, and an undisrupted thirst for knowledge. 

A critical concern is that freelance provides very low legal control, and if the company ignores proper vetting of the chosen account, then there could be a lot of harm done because of the lack of reliability and no punitive measures if the work is not delivered when was expected to. 

#3 – Hiring a dedicated PPC specialist with a BPO company

The business world has grasped the benefits of outsourcing. The companies are eager to outsource recruiting, development, marketing, advertising, etc. Pretty much all the business processes can be outsourced. Outsourced successfully, saving time, and money, and preventing added stress. 

BPO providers are legally reliable, have access to a rich talent pool, stand by the latest tendencies in business management and market performance, and employ cutting-edge tech tools. Outsourcing PPC (white label PPC outsourcing PPC is a common practice when the ad department needs augmentation) is not an exception. 

BPO agencies will provide the company with a dedicated specialist, who will devote all his proficiency to solving PPC challenges and enhancing the clientele traffic and sales. To some extent, it combines all the greatest features of the previously mentioned employment models: hiring a specialist with a multifaceted knowledge of the international principles and values of managing the business and charging for the exact amount of work to be completed (freelancers expect that). On top of that, it adds a much bigger level of accountability and the latest knowledge. 

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7 Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated PPC Manager for Business

Having read up to this moment the value of the PPC manager sort of has spoken for itself. Yet, when delivered in bold and in order, the benefits create a more persuasive touch and desire to proceed with some assertive action. After all, it is not about persuasion, it is about making sure that such an important part of the marketing plan as setting the right PPC campaign and driving impressive revenues. 

Therefore, here are 7 solid benefits that a PPC manager will deliver.

1. Cost-effectiveness

When hiring a specialist (even though it is not free of charge and a PPC manager salary might occupy a decent position in the marketing budget plan) the company ensures the job is done exactly as the PPC idea meant it. A dedicated professional does its job without glitches and never lets campaign money go down the drain. The revenues generated from the successful PPC launch will bring by far more than all the expenses allocated to this area.

2. Increased traffic

Following all the algorithms of the correct PPC setting ensures that the right audience will not only click but will engage in further action which will end up in ordering or buying. A PPC expert knows the keys (no pun intended) that open the doors instantly for those who couldn’t get in with their consumer pains. PPC manager will make sure that the ads placed to speak to the audience in a personalized manner enticing them to follow the lead.

3. Strong expertise and experience in marketing and PPC method in particular

Of course, the company may try to educate and train its staff defining who will demonstrate the biggest potential for the PPC craft. Yet it will take a lot of time, resources, money, and a lot of “trial and errors” experiences. The business world is fast with its processes and will not let the company afford all that learning time. The success that ditches competition is here and now. Getting an experienced PPC expert on board ensures immediate and efficient action without a long-term waiting component.

4. Tackled keywords research challenges

Keywords are critical and are not the same for different platforms, even though inviting to engage with the same product or service. A PPC expert knows it all and can contribute a lot to selecting the right verbal mechanism in cross-platform delivery, touching the consuming sides of the potential clients’ souls.

5. Accurate results delivery

There is nothing perfect in the Universe. Yet, hiring a PPC manager to handle a PPC campaign gets quite close to perfection. The expert with experience and unscattered dedication delivers accurate results, fulfilling the goals. 

6. Has a business back covered with the right tracking

Tracking is essential for the PPC campaign. It helps to create a better vision of what works and what should be upgraded due to poor results. Some parts of tracking require coding knowledge and this is something that will ask for more than just tutorials on YouTube.

7. Thrifty attitude towards resources

The success of the launched PPC campaign ensures business success and saves so many valuable resources for the company. Except for money, which has been mentioned before, time and energy saved for the core areas are among the most precious things to waste. If there is an expert who can prevent that from happening he/she is definitely worth hiring.

It is never a good idea to save money on hiring a specialist who eventually can return so much more back and whose beneficial component is obvious even if the business owner has zero understanding of what PPC even stands for.

Soft and Hard Skills for a Remote PPC Specialist: What to Look for When Hiring a PPC Expert

As businesses increasingly rely on remote workers, it’s essential to hire a remote PPC specialist with the right blend of soft and hard skills to ensure the success of your digital marketing campaigns. This article explores the essential skills to look for when hiring a freelance PPC manager or dedicated PPC expert for your business.

Hard Skills

  • PPC Platform Expertise

A freelance PPC specialist must be proficient in various PPC platforms, such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads. They should have experience creating, managing, and optimizing campaigns on these platforms to drive the desired results.

  • Keyword Research and Analysis

A remote PPC specialist should have a strong understanding of keyword research and analysis. This includes identifying high-performing keywords, understanding search intent, and analyzing competition to develop effective PPC campaigns.

  • Analytics and Reporting

Hire a PPC expert who is skilled in using analytics tools like Google Analytics and platform-specific reporting tools. They should be able to track, analyze, and interpret campaign data to optimize performance and provide actionable insights for continuous improvement.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

A freelance PPC expert should be well-versed in conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques to enhance the effectiveness of landing pages and ad creatives. This includes A/B testing, audience targeting, and optimizing ad copy and design to improve the conversion rate.

  • Budget Management

Hire PPC management experts with experience in effectively managing advertising budgets to maximize ROI. They should be able to allocate resources efficiently across various campaigns, monitor performance, and adjust bids and budgets accordingly.

Soft Skills

  • Communication and Collaboration

A remote PPC specialist should possess strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with clients and team members. They should be able to articulate their ideas, strategies, and campaign results clearly and concisely.

  • Time Management and Organization

When you hire dedicated PPC experts, ensure they have excellent time management and organizational skills to manage multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously. They should be able to prioritize tasks, stay focused, and deliver results on time.

  • Adaptability and Continuous Learning

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and PPC specialists must adapt to these changes to stay competitive. Hire PPC expert with a track record of continuous learning, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and adapting their strategies accordingly.

  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Hire PPC specialist who can think critically and solve problems effectively. They should be able to analyze data, identify issues or opportunities, and develop innovative solutions to improve campaign performance.

  • Attention to Detail

A successful PPC campaign requires meticulous attention to detail. Freelance PPC experts must be able to spot errors, inconsistencies, or missed opportunities in campaigns and take corrective action to ensure optimal performance.

PPC Specialist Salary Around the Globe

If the budget is pretty tight but the advice is to never go financially stingy with hiring an expert, then what could be the solution for success and thriving? Well, thorough research and analysis of the compensation rates around the world and how they align with professional aptitude might help a lot in staff augmentation concerns.

Here is the comparative data on the net salaries of PPC experts in different countries.

  USA UK Germany  Poland Ukraine
Hourly  $29.49 $18.29 $32 $8.30 $3.45
Monthly $4,792 $2,970 $5,328 $1,500 $580

From the chart above it is easy to conclude that hiring from the eastern part of Europe, Ukraine especially will have a mild impact on the budget spending, yet produce expected profitable outcomes. Ukraine has already earned a reputation as a business and IT hub that is popular in the international arena. The international business trusts and values cooperation with Ukrainian specialists due to the low compensation rates and extra high efficiency and productivity.

A List of the Interview Questions for a PPC Manager 

No matter what model of hiring the company decides to opt for it is important to demonstrate that the hiring department and the owners included have a clear vision of what kind of specialist a PPC expert is and what requirements he/she is expected to meet. To perform confidently and elicit important knowledge here comes the list of possible questions to ask and expected answers/words to hear.

  • What metrics do you utilize to see whether the PPC campaign works efficiently? (impressions, conversions, click-through rates, ROI levels)
  • If there is a significant ranking drop what should be checked first? (Links, server issues, search behavior, algorithm changes)
  • If there is a budget cut, what parts of the PPC campaign will be prioritized? (keywords)
  • What does an effective PPC landing page look like? (focused CTA, headings and subheadings, clear proposition, page load speed, visuals)
  • How would you detect click fraud? (CTR check, IP addresses fetching, automated fraud click detection)
  • How do you define bidding terms? (relevance, brainstorming, Think With Google, Ubersuggest, Google Trends)
  • Describe your most effective PPC campaign. (Vivid success story, with a lot of the concepts used that were mentioned above).

Not only the person in front of you understands how well you are equipped with the knowledge on the topic, but also, you as a business owner, will see how much of the professional is trying to deal with your project.

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Mobilunity-BPO a Reliable Provider of Dedicated Remote PPC Managers

A Ukraine-based company, Mobilunity-BPO is an answer to the staffing questions that the company might find itself in a difficult position to solve. Since 2010, it has yielded a positive image of excellent services and staffing providers on the international market of cooperation. 

Mobilunity-BPO owns more than 10 years of fruitful experience helping businesses reach and exceed their goals due to the great talent pool of specialists, the latest tendencies to follow, and cutting-edge technology to implement. Over 40 clients from around the globe are ready to prove how experienced and reliable the company is, delivering flexibility, a personalized approach, and high legal reliability. 

Hiring a PPC manager from Mobilunity-BPO the client-company gets both a remote specialist with flexible terms of cooperation as if dealing with a freelance market, yet strict and obligate security of the cooperation that the high-profile company is capable of. 


To pave a successful marketing path for the product and its increased awareness the expert is needed. PPC campaign is one of the critical campaign branches that require PPC manager control. Hiring such specialists from Eastern Europe, Ukraine in particular, will help the business to achieve growth and competitive edge whilst saving the budget effectively.

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