Growth Marketing Managers: What They Do & How to Hire One

The technique of utilizing data obtained through marketing campaigns and experimentation to stimulate growth is known as growth marketing. It can assist you in anticipating change and organizing your approaches to produce continuous advancements.

Growth marketers are always examining data and customer input to determine what is and isn’t working. Strategies that are successful one day may not be as successful the next. New users, new tools, and new apps take their place. There is another way to look at all this flux; it’s simple to become overwhelmed by it.

Both small enterprises and major corporations must expand. Growth is a critical element of any successful corporate operation, whether it’s to feed the workforce or assuage shareholders’ fears.

Business growth might be aided by a skilled growth marketer. Great growth marketers identify customer categories and identify cost-efficient strategies for attracting new clients. They can also establish a growth strategy that will position a company for success over the next two to five years. 

Reasons to Hire a Growth Marketer  

There is never a bad moment to hire a marketing growth manager or even the best customer service outsourcing companies for ecommerce store in the course of a business.

Startup growth marketing initiatives differ slightly from those of large enterprises. The objectives of the work shift as companies scale. For instance, startups frequently have trouble deciding which marketer to hire first. A growth marketing specialist is a good choice, especially if they already have solid brand rules, product-market fit, customer base hypotheses, a marketing funnel, and these things in place. 

Hiring a growth marketer can be advantageous for more mature firms if your present strategy feels outdated or even just a little less than ideal. Startups want updates with a high return on investment, but at large corporations with million-dollar revenue streams, even a one percent improvement can provide significant profits.  

Here are the main reasons why you may need a growth marketing manager:

  1. Creating Traffic

The top of the list whenever we discuss the many elements of a growth marketing strategy is always traffic creation. Because without website visits, it is impossible to hope to accomplish any other objective on this list. A marketing team that is growth-oriented is constantly searching for fresh and creative approaches to attract more visitors to their website.

Hiring eCommerce SEO expert, content marketer or using paid advertising, or any other traffic creation strategies could be great tools to do this.

  1. Greater understanding of your customers

You must be able to monitor and analyze your consumers’ activity in order to better understand them. You may put up mechanisms to do this efficiently with the aid of a digital growth marketer, giving you insights into how your customers interact with your goods or service. 

  1. Create a successful marketing plan

You can create a marketing plan that is specific to the objectives of your company with the aid of a growth marketing expert. They will develop a strategy that will increase your chances of success by taking into account your budget, target market, and product or service offering.

  1. Create and carry out growth hacking tests

You can create and carry out growth experiments with the assistance of a growth marketing hacker. These are tiny, low-risk tests that could significantly affect your company. For instance, you might experiment with various price strategies or provide a free trial of your product. 

  1. Focus on a customer 

Typically, firms that want to expand, concentrate on bringing on new users or clients. However, it’s usually better to concentrate on keeping and expanding your present consumer base. After all, acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

You can support the implementation of a customer-centric strategy within your company if you decide to hire a growth hacker.

Traditional Marketing vs. Growth Marketing

While there may be some overlap, comparing end goals makes it simpler to see the differences between traditional and growth marketing. Each strategy is based on tactics that emphasize particular time frames, stages of the sales funnel, and ways to make money. Both marketing strategies employ various decision-making techniques, with one emphasizing opinions and the other statistics. 

Traditional Marketing  Growth Marketing
Print, radio, and television advertisements, together with some social media outlets, continue to comprise the bulk of traditional marketing. It makes use of creative solutions that leverage platforms and technology.
The most innovative concepts are always sought after by traditional agencies to attract prospects. However, they frequently have no idea what the actual outcomes are. The tests could then be scaled back or changed direction. Although growth hackers can also be innovative, the growth statistic is usually the most important.
Here are two objectives: awareness and acquisition. Marketing growth hacker is responsible for all marketing and customer-related operations.
Traditional marketers are unmatched in their fields and experts in one or two specialties. They create significant brand identities, marketing plans, and advertising campaigns. Growth hacker consultants are marketing professionals with a variety of backgrounds who specialize on growth. 

The Advantages of Outsourcing Growth Marketing to Professionals 

  • New perspective

You gain from creating a strong strategy and having the capacity to observe your company more objectively when you outsource your business marketing to a growth hacker agency. One benefit of outsourcing marketing is that the firm you use will also work on marketing initiatives for other businesses. When marketing is outsourced, the business maintains control and learns about new sales channels.

  • Improved Management

As the rivalry heats up and the hazards to business grow more obvious. These risks are monitored and addressed when marketing is outsourced. There will be improved overall management, greater movement in your marketing projects, possibilities you won’t miss, and current marketing tactics.

  • Dependable expertise

Your business might hire hire growth hackers by outsourcing a marketing team. When you decide to outsource marketing, you work directly with marketing professionals that comprehend your company and determine the ideal course of action.

  • Lower costs

The reduction of administrative and marketing expenses is another benefit of outsourcing growth hacker marketing. By contracting out your marketing work, you can spare your company the time and resources it would otherwise use to carry out the crucial marketing tasks.

  • Increased talent pool

The ability to access a variety of abilities and expertise is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing marketing. It also makes running a business easier and more flexible, and includes the cost of outsourcing HR.

Main Skills and Responsibilities of a Growth Marketer

In order to optimize and enhance the outcomes of a target region, growth marketers create and carry out experiments. Growth marketing is the strategy to use if you wish to raise a specific measure.

Growth marketers are obsessed with organized procedures. These steps form the foundation of these procedures:

  • Recognizing issues that affect all divisions, not just the marketing staff;
  • Creating fictitious answers to these issues, such as a/b testing, prioritizing experiments, and carrying out MVTs;
  • Assessing outcomes;
  • Establishing a methodical process. 

The more marketing expertise a candidate has, the better, as there is a lot of investigation and discovery involved in the position, which also influences growth hacker salary. 

However, basic growth marketer skills  are listed below: 

  • Automation of Marketing

How the marketer use automation will determine whether the system has a good conversion rate. Knowing how to use Marketo, Zapier, and Drips is a sign that a candidate can leverage automation to keep clients.

  • Paid Adds

Growth marketing manager resume should include comprehensive knowledge of paid advertising. The capacity of a candidate to drive results from location targeting, tailored and lookalike audiences, and ad sequencing are some factors to take into account.

  • Copywriting

The capacity to captivate an audience with compelling content is on the list of the most important growth marketing manager skills. Email, social media, landing pages, and other marketing strategies all require good copywriting. Relevant copywriting experience impacts  growth marketer salary.

Growth Marketer Monthly Pricing in Different Countries

We spent a lot of time discussing the advantages and difficulties of recruiting growth marketer. Let’s now examine monthly growth marketing specialist salary in several nations:

  Junior  Middle Senior
USA $6,667 $8,333 $11,250
UK $4,495 $5,167 $6,975
Germany $3,991 $7,112 $9,285
Netherlands  $4,496 $8,025 $10,457
Ukraine $694 $1219 $1614

The Ukrainian professionals appear to have the most experience of all the mentioned marketing manager growth rates , but they are paid less than those from the other countries. The cost of living influences growth marketing manager salary. The level of job quality, however, continues to be strong and globally competitive. The Ukrainian IT market is expanding swiftly, keeping up with modern trends and adhering to western norms.


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