How To Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Today, the business world is fast paced and competitive. There is no time for companies to waste time. As a result, staff are often overworked trying to do several tasks, including dedicated IT support, marketing and customer service, at once to get the most done in the least amount of hours. 

Marketing is one of the most important parts of a business and should never be pushed aside for other tasks. You can have the best product or service in the world, but without proper marketing, it will never reach the potential it could have. This is exactly why your marketing department should always be in tip-top shape and perform at 100%, all the time. The issue with this is that staff gets burnt out and this blocks their creativity, a tool they desperately need in this function. 

Luckily, there are options, and one of the best solutions is to hire a virtual assistant for marketing to assist your staff. These assistants can do a range of jobs normally and can either be used for the more mundane jobs, such as maintaining databases or more complex and exciting jobs like keeping your social media in check. There are countless virtual assistants available. According to Statista, the market was worth more than USD  15 billion in 2021. 

Outsourcing these functions have many benefits, with the biggest one being that you and your staff can focus on the core business. Often owners or managers get stuck in detail and small tasks, which takes their attention away from their core responsibilities. By outsourcing these tasks to B2B marketing agencies, you can manage and delegate instead of completing the tasks in-house, which ensures your business gets the “bigger picture” attention it should. 

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Virtual Assistant

If you hire the right virtual digital marketing assistant you can benefit in ways you would not have thought possible before! 

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the main benefits of outsourcing your marketing assistant needs:

  • Cost

Many business owners will immediately think “overspending” when you mention outsourcing tasks in the business. It is normal to think this way, as whomever you outsource to is going to cost you money, but the reality is that most of the time a social media marketing virtual assistant will be cheaper than hiring an in-house employee. Just think about it, you do not have to provide equipment, you do not have to worry about any benefits etc, and they are also usually ready to start working straight away. All of these facts mean you  save money by hiring a virtual assistant, rather than employing someone conventionally. 

  • Flexibility

Another perk of outsourcing a virtual assistant digital marketing expert is that you can scale up and down as your projects demand it. This means you save money by not paying employees when they are not needed. With business being so unpredictable today, this is an excellent way of reducing risk and making sure that you do not waste any money when your business is experiencing slower times. 

  • Efficiency

These outsourced marketing virtual assistants are experts in their field and usually have all the tools they need for their specific tasks. They have extensive knowledge of their field, and can often complete tasks in a much shorter period than your in-house employees. This ensures increased  productivity and puts you ahead of the competition. Not only does the assistant themselves increase productivity, but the fact that they handle some of the tasks gives your in-house employees a chance to focus on their core functions. This increases the overall productivity of your business and ensures everyone’s attention is where it should be. 

What Services Does a Marketing Virtual Assistant Offer?

Before we get to how to hire a virtual assistant for internet marketing, it’s important to understand what these assistants offer. 

There are countless functions in any given business and getting someone that can assist with these can be challenging. The best digital marketing virtual assistant experts have an array of skills and can fulfill many of the functions you have in your marketing side of the business. There are three main types of assistance they can deliver, which includes administrative, creative, and technical services. Let’s take a look at some of the services they offer and how they can assist your business to become more productive:

  • Social Media Management (Creative)

Social media plays a major role in the marketing of any business in this age and it is not always easy to keep this part of your marketing campaign up to date. People find most of their information, including products and services on social media and it is a must-have in your marketing toolbox. Marketing virtual assistants are masters at this part! They will  usually be able to update and run your social media for you, while you and your employees can focus on the business itself. These assistants can update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other social media platforms. The best marketing virtual   assistants can also help you to create content for these platforms and come up with new,  fresh ideas for your social media. Saving you valuable time! 

  • Market Research (Technical)

Market research is vital for any marketing campaign. A virtual assistant can help you by doing studies on how your company is performing or what the need for your products and services is in the market. This helps you identify weak spots in your business and tells you where to improve. 

  • Strategies (Creative)

The best content marketing virtual assistant experts have loads of experience in  marketing and can help you develop a marketing strategy for your business. When you  know your strategy and what your objectives are, it is so much easier to get your whole team on  board and everyone working towards a common goal! 

  • Lead Generation (Technical)

Most businesses will have their own sales department, but lead generation is often a result of good marketing campaigns and it is beneficial to have an assistant do this through the various marketing channels, so the rest of your team can focus on their responsibilities. 

  • Email Marketing (Administrative)

An age-old winner! Email marketing still serves as one of the best ways to generate leads and increase your customer base. Virtual assistants also act as email marketing strategy consultant experts that can help you by running this form of marketing for you. Email marketing virtual assistant experts can develop an email database and create  compelling emails to get prospective customers’ attention. 

  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads (Creative)

You see it every time you go online. An ad pops up for products that you have been thinking of buying or researching. These are specially designed ads, and many of the virtual assistant social media marketing experts out there can help your business to also jump on the Google or Facebook Ads wagon. This is a very effective way to create your online presence and can attract many visitors to your website. 

  • Admin (Administrative)

Any marketing department will have a lot of mundane admin to deal with such as maintaining databases, data entry, keeping calendars in check and invoicing and payment functions. These are where an online marketing virtual assistant can take a lot of strain off your team. Outsourcing these tasks to a virtual assistant can save you a lot of time and money by letting your team delegate the tasks to the assistant, allowing them to stay creative and fresh. 

  • Website maintenance (Technical)

A virtual assistant online marketing expert is by no means a programmer or website builder! But many of them can assist you in doing simple tasks for your website. This  includes, but is not limited to, creating banners, keeping the information updated, keeping  products and services updated, etc. 

  • Content (Creative)

A virtual assistant for social media marketing can also help you create content for your website, such as articles, videos, and much more. This keeps your website fresh and interesting for any potential customers.

  • Customer Support (Administrative)

While a lot of bigger businesses will have a stand-alone customer support department, for the smaller ones it is great to have an internet marketing virtual assistant to fulfill this need. This includes responding to emails and keeping your CRM up to date with customer information. This is a vital part of marketing at the end of the day, as customers that are treated well, will always return and enjoy supporting your business. 

What Skills to Look for When You Hire a Virtual Marketing Support Assistant

When you hire a virtual marketing support assistant, they should bring skills to the table that you do not have in your organization to benefit your business. Let’s take a look at some of the hard and soft skills you should look for in a virtual assistant email marketing expert below.

Soft Skills:

  • Great communication
  • Creativity
  • Analytical
  • Problem-solver
  • Team player

Hard skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of social media platforms
  • Website maintenance skills
  • Strong computer skills
  • Experience in working remotely
  • Proof of previous marketing work

Cost Comparison

The benefit of hiring a remote virtual assistant internet marketing expert means you get to choose where you hire. This brings about many advantages, as some countries are much cheaper with labor costs than where you might be located. Below is a comparison in USD between five different countries in different parts of the world to help you decide where to start looking for marketing virtual assistant services:

Cost Comparison (USD)HourlyMonthly
USA$24,29$4 202,42
UK$16,58$2 868,31
Germany$19,67$3 403,24
Netherlands$17,42$3 012,94

Mobilunity-BPO Service Models

Now, as previously mentioned, one of the biggest advantages when outsourcing your needs for virtual marketing assistant services is flexibility. At it is no different. We have two options from which you can choose to suit your budget and specific needs. 

  • Part-time

If you have limited needs or are only working on smaller marketing campaigns, this virtual assistant marketing services solution is ideal! This option gives you the flexibility of hiring a part-time marketing  virtual assistant and only paying for those part-time hours. The hours and cost will all be agreed upon once you have contacted us and spoken to one of our customer agents. This  is a great option for startups or smaller businesses that do not need full-time marketing assistance. 

  • Full-time

We can also offer you the expertise of one of our dedicated affiliate marketing virtual assistant experts on a full-time basis if your company needs it. The hours and rates will again be agreed upon with one of our customer agents. 

Mobilunity-BPO As Your Service Provider has more than 10 years of experience working with different businesses in different countries, so you can count on us to fulfill your every need. Our virtual assistant for digital marketing specialists have extensive knowledge of targeted online marketing campaigns that suit every business need. Furthermore, we recruit only the best talent for your business and guide you through the entire hiring process. 

Our Ukraine-based business delivers services to all types of industries, including IT, communication and manufacturing industries. With over 1000 projects completed and more than 40 worldwide clients, you can rely on us to get the top talent you are looking for.

Looking for marketing virtual assistant services to take your marketing to the next level? Talk to Mobilunity-BPO. We will help you find the best candidates fast and efficiently!