How to Hire an Advertising Manager

Marketing has always been at the core of any business as it is what allows selling products or services. Advertising is one of its core practices as it is aimed at a target audience and presents a product in the best light. It is fundamental in any industry and its importance hasn’t changed in years.

However, the means and approaches to advertising have changed. Nowadays a lot of it has to do with digital marketing, online presence, and meeting specific metrics to reach the desired clientele.

That’s why it is as essential as ever to hire an advertising manager that can meet specific business needs.

In this article, you’ll learn all about audience targeted advertising services, their benefits, and ways to successfully hire a suitable expert.

Importance of Focused Advertising Management

Online targeted marketing is one of the primary concerns of any company in 2023. Advertising online is fast, budget-friendly, and incredibly efficient. It is much more affordable than traditional advertising and allows finding your exact audience and meets its unique needs.

Why do businesses need to hire digital marketing consultant or manager? Here are the main benefits of professional targeting advertising services:

  • It ensures business expansion and gives a competitive advantage;
  • It boosts customer satisfaction;
  • It builds corporate and brand image;
  • It promotes brand loyalty among customers;
  • It is the foundation of effective marketing outreach.

If you decide to partner with expert targeted advertising companies, you’ll get access to the best and most innovative marketing strategies that ensure profitability and outreach. Working with a qualified advertising manager is essential for a business that wants to grow, open new markets, and achieve greater visibility.

How to Identify Your Needs for Targeted Internet Marketing

To successfully hire an advertising manager, it is essential to know what services, qualifications, and skills you are looking for. Some companies require expert eCommerce marketing services, others are interested in targeted advertising on social media. Or maybe your business could benefit from both.

Before you start looking for potential candidates, you need to identify your advertising needs. Here is how one can do it:

1. Set advertising goals for your company. What do you want to achieve? Maybe it is greater brand awareness or access to a new market. Maybe you want to cover a specific niche or increase sales for a particular product. In any case, it is crucial to have clear objectives in mind to later create a road map together and evaluate success metrics.

2. Evaluate your current advertising strategy. Look into what you’ve already achieved and how you did it. Was your latest campaign successful? How do you identify success? What metrics do you use? Was there anything that could be done better?

Also, consider what methods and techniques you engage with. What channels of communication do you use? Based on primary channels, one might hire a Facebook ads manager or a targeted online marketing generalist. Maybe social media targeted advertising is the most efficient practice for you but you tend to miss out on Google Ads. A professional advertising manager will be able to evaluate your strategy and suggest upgrades.

3. Assess budget and resources. Every business is unique and the same goes for goals, objectives, and resources. After setting goals and evaluating a strategy, you should have an idea about the scope of work that needs to be done. Maybe you only need to hire Facebook ads manager for a part-time position. Or maybe your business requires full-time cooperation with a senior advertising manager.

Why Hire an Advertising Manager

There are several situations when a business requires assistance with targeting digital marketing management. They also serve as the main reasons to hire an advertising manager. Those are:

  • A business needs someone to be a leader of the marketing team. This happens when the company grows and the marketing team grows accordingly. As a result, it becomes more challenging to manage specific channels or campaigns on your own. So there is a need for a professional with experience in the industry and specific channels to approach the matter comprehensively.
  • A business doesn’t have internal resources for targeted digital marketing. This is often the case for small or relatively young companies that are limited in their resources. In-house employment is costly and takes a lot of time. Instead, a business can outsource social media manager responsibilities to a third-party provider. This way you get access to a high level of expertise quickly and without breaking the budget.
  • A company requires a generalist. Even if you have in-house resources that can manage targeted ads on social media, this doesn’t always mean you have an expert to lead the team and provide a well-rounded and consistent marketing and advertising strategy. It is always more effective to work with a specialist rather than expect employees that are not qualified in this matter to learn everything on the go.
  • You want to save time and money while getting the best results. An experienced professional can offer more than targeted advertising in social media for a company. Such specialists have insights into the industry, know best practices, and can suggest many ways to upgrade the overall marketing strategy. And if you decide on a part-time partnership or project-based cooperation, it is going to be quick and productive.
  • A company needs access to the best software tools for targeted advertisements and marketing. Such solutions are costly and complicated. Professional advertising managers already have access to them as it ensures the quality of their work. This means that they will provide this access to the company to ensure the best result.

Soft and Hard Skills of an Advertising Manager

Targeted online advertising companies and freelancers offer a specific set of skills and competencies that is essential for quality of performance. When a business looks for a suitable professional, it needs to search for this specific skill set along with relevant experience and portfolio.

Soft Skills of a Targeted Online Ads Specialist:

  • Communication in all its forms, active listening, and presenting;
  • Interpersonal skills and high emotional intelligence;
  • Time management and multitasking;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Leadership, problem-solving, and goal-setting;
  • Project management;
  • Decision-making.

Hard Skills of an Advertising Manager:

  • Knowledge of the best marketing and advertising practices;
  • Experience with specific advertising and digital marketing software (Semrush, Ahrefs, Podium, etc);
  • Data analysis and experience with analytical software (Google Analytics for example);
  • Campaign tracking and scheduling software proficiency;
  • Computer-aided design programs;
  • Expertise in consumer behavior and market research.

A great specialist in online advertising targeting and marketing often possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Communication. It is also a benefit to have international certifications like Certified Sales Professional, Certified Advertising Specialist, or Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate.

Salary Rates for Advertising Managers

Salary rates for social media targeted ads specialists hugely depend on two main factors – level of expertise and geographical location. Usually, professionals are separated into three levels according to their proficiency and experience: junior, middle, and senior. Here is a comparison table of average monthly rates for advertising managers of different levels in 5 countries.

Country  Junior Middle Senior
USA $6,598 $12,077 $15,457
Germany $5,045 $9,184 $11,735
UK $5,468 $9,954 $12,718
Netherlands $5,202 $7,437 $9,233
Ukraine $548 $948 $1,224

So if you still wonder how much does it cost to hire a marketing consultant, you can see the data shows, that hiring a professional in another country can be extremely beneficial in terms of budget. A business can access the same level of expertise for a fraction of the price when looking for advertising managers in Ukraine instead of the US or the EU. This is one of the main reasons why remote employment and outsourcing are very popular in almost any industry. It gives more equality to businesses of different sizes when it comes to talent and competitive edge.

How to Hire a Facebook Ads Manager

Whether you need a specialist that is qualified in a specific channel (Facebook or Instagram) or a generalist, the hiring process is the same:

  • Set goals;
  • Identify needs;
  • Assess budget;
  • Evaluate requirements for candidates;
  • Create a posting;
  • Evaluate applications;
  • Conduct interviews;
  • Vet skills and competencies;
  • Hire the best candidate.

Although it seems easy, it is a long process that might be challenging for those who have no experience in recruiting advertising managers. That’s why it is often beneficial to partner with service providers so that they take care of the whole process.

At Mobilunity-BPO, we offer advertising manager recruitment services with two main models:

  • Hiring part-time specialists. This type of cooperation is ideal for businesses that do not require a full-time involvement of an expert. It is budget-friendly and gives access to top talent on your terms. We recruit a suitable advertising manager that is going to perform the duties part-time and only when you need it;
  • Hiring full-time dedicated specialists. This model suits companies in need of constant cooperation. It allows hiring a dedicated expert that works exclusively for your business. It is great if you deal with a big project, multiple campaigns, or several marketing channels.

Mobilunity-BPO is Your Targeted Advertising Service Provider

Mobilunity-BPO has more than 10 years of experience when it comes to targeted online ads. We have partnered with more than 40 businesses all over the world to provide them with suitable experts. Our team has completed more than a thousand projects when it comes to excellent BPO services.

And we are ready to hire the best advertising manager for your unique needs and business goals. Mobilunity-BPO offers a large team of experts, access to the best talent, seamless hiring, and the opportunity to scale up or down when you need it.

As for industry expertise, we’ve worked with businesses in IT, Retail, eCommerce, Insurance, Finance, Consumer Goods, Supply Chain, and many others. If you are looking for an efficient way to recruit advertising professionals, we’ve got you covered.

Do you want to hire an advertising manager quickly and affordably? Contact our team!