Hire Media Buyer to Boost Your Business

Any good business needs a well-planned promotion, including many steps like buying advertisements. To solve the last task one should consider hiring a media buyer who can help to find the best way to distribute one’s product.

Who Is A Media Buyer?

A media buyer is a person who specializes in the distribution of the services of products of the company. Their work includes such tasks as finding the most efficient media buyer platforms with affordable prices and big audiences and buying traffic from different sources.  

Usually, such specialists are highly skilled and perfectly know how the algorithms of various networks work so it helps them to make the advertisements efficient and get the best result. Besides that, they also have the development skills which are must-haves when one works with digital products. When the company decides to hire media buyer, it gets a multi-skilled specialist who understands the functionality of various fields.

As a result, the auditor is interested in a particular product, service, or item growth and it brings both financial and social benefits for the business because not only the sales of goods are growing, but also the popularity of the company on the global market. The functions of media buyers in various companies may differ – for example, the specialist can control the advertising company but also their responsibilities can include just planning and negotiation with platforms.

Popular Media Buyer Platforms

In addition to thinking about how to hire a media buyer, one also needs to consider the media buyer platforms that can be useful and bring efficient results. Nowadays one can find various places to promote the products but only some of them are the most popular and demanded.


This platform works in more than 100 countries all over the world. It lets you not only find a good way to promote your products and distribute information about them but also contact other people and get efficient partners for your business.

Pocket Math

One more reliable platform that functions for the most part on mobile applications. With its user-friendly bidding system, the platform allows you to promote your products and services quickly and efficiently, thus gaining a large audience.

Google Display and Video 360

The main benefit of this platform is its features and functionality that provide users with various options that can make the process of promotion flexible and unique. It also makes data analysis easier and more informative.


The functionality of this platform is useful for various companies and is focused also on the work of B2B marketing automation agencies. The total number of features is lower than in previous platforms, but it still includes such possibilities as online ads or email ads and functions well.

Centro Basis DSP

The platform provides users with different types of ads like video ads and mobile ads. It has clear functionality and works well in the area of targeting, which allows its clients to better think through further advertising strategies and make it more flexible.

Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

As it was mentioned before, working with a media planner buyer can bring lots of benefits to your business. Now we will look closer at each of them.

  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI) 

The costs you have spent on a social media buyer will return to you very quickly.

Moreover, you will get better profits through increased sales. To achieve such a

result on your own is extremely difficult because any business needs high-quality

advertising and professional help, for example, online brand management services.

  • Strategic planning and execution 

The specialist will help you to plan the whole advertising process so it will not be

chaotic. For instance, a Facebook media buyer can help you to develop a plan for the

publication of advertising, its context, and its narrative. 

  • Cost savings compared to managing advertising campaigns in-house 

It is hard or even impossible to deal with such a field yourself. First of all, you need deep knowledge about media buyer platforms or the features of each type of ad. Additionally, it requires a lot of time and energy. So the best way will be to save both of them by hiring a talented expert.

  • Access to industry expertise and knowledge 

Media buyers are well-known for their skills in the advertising field which let them not only use them practically but also share them. Working with such specialists you will get access to such knowledge and will also learn something new.

  • Increased reach and visibility 

Due to their skills and rich experience, media buyers will increase your auditory of clients as your firm and its services will become more visible so even more people will get familiar with it and will be interested in buying your products.

The Media Buying Process

There are a few important steps that are included in the media buying process. First of all, you need to get familiar with a media buyer resume and know about their skills and previous experience. It will let you know more about your potential worker. After that, you need to introduce your projects and describe your products’ features and the goals you want to reach.

Then your dedicated online media buyer starts planning the advertising process. They analyze the general demand for your product and the target audience. Based on this, they select a platform for advertising your products and the best rates for you. The work of such a specialist also includes negotiations with potential advertising companies. Sometimes such a process is not based only on the work of the marketing buyer so you will need to hire an eCommerce email marketing consultant for some extra help – it is rather the exception than a rule. 

Pricing In Different Countries

If you want to find a dedicated freelance media buyer, you need to consider various variants to find your expert. Do you want to work with Junior or Senior? Should they be from your country? These questions can be easily answered by looking up the experts’ prices. Before starting to search for “digital media buyer salary advertising media buyer” check our table with the most popular prices based on media buyer companies prices.


As you can see, the most efficient for hiring experts is Ukraine. According to prices for services of senior media planner buyer salary is not very high and you can afford a highly skilled specialist, for instance, Facebook ads media buyer, for a really low price.

Our Main Service Models

Part-time expert: This model is suitable for small projects or companies with a limited budget. In this case, a dedicated media buyer will work on particular tasks and you will pay them according to their hourly rate.

Full-time expert: If you need the help of a media buyer for a long-term project, you can pick up this model. The expert will become a part of your team and, additionally, you will pay them a monthly salary according to their skill level.

Mobilunity-BPO As Your Trusted Partner

Among all the possible partners you can find, Mobilunity-BPO is the best decision for your business. Working more than 10 years in the global market, we gained high-leveled skills and got the essential experience that allows us to work on projects of any difficulty. Our team is always ready to provide you with qualified technical decisions that will bring important benefits to your business.

We have already worked in various countries like Switzerland, USA, Japan, etc. It lets us get pieces of knowledge of how to deal with any type of task regardless of its field. We are always ready to provide you with skilled media buyers that will do their work at a high level and promise you the best result.

If you want to hire media buyer, just contact Mobilunity-BPO and get professional help!