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We are ready to hire the best of annotated image specialists for your project in Ukraine.

Photo & Image Labeling

Outsourced Image Annotation Services

Annotating images and labeling photos is a necessary task when it comes to machine learning and AI projects. Yet it is quite time-consuming and sometimes daunting. So it would be unreasonable to devote your in-house team to this process when a better alternative is available.

We are an outstaffing company in Ukraine that is happy to help you find the best people for the job. Our team is ready to recruit top talent according to your specific requirements. And you’ll manage your photo labeling team directly while saving costs, and optimizing business processes.

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Why Clients Choose Us

We are a trusted outstaffing provider with 10+ years of experience in working with businesses all over the globe.

Extensive Expertise

We know all about the Ukrainian labor market and top talent, which means that we are proud to recruit the best image labeling professionals for you

Cost Reduction

If you choose to annotate images remotely, you are going to save a lot of money while getting excellent performance

Control and Flexibility

You decide who to hire for your annotated pictures team. You also manage the employees directly and decide when to scale up or down

Easy Cooperation

The geographic location makes Ukraine beneficial in terms of time zones, especially for the EU businesses. It also ensures cultural similarity and the same business ethics

Image Annotation Team

Dedicated Image Labelers

To put it simply – our team will recruit any type of labeling image professional for you.  Depending on your requirements, we can find such specialists as:

  • Semantic segmentation image labeler;
  • Tagging image annotator;
  • 3D bounding boxes labelers;
  • 2D bounding boxes labelers;
  • Polygon annotators;
  • LandMarks experts;
  • Image masking professionals;
  • Any other type of image labeler you need.  

Also, we can recruit supporting staff to complete administrative tasks, project managers, quality assurance, and HR specialists. With our assistance, you can build a tailor-made team from scratch.

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If you are ready to optimize your image annotation project by hiring a remote team, here is what you need to do:

  • Contact us via phone or email;
  • Discuss in detail all your needs and requirements with our representatives;
  • Approve the candidates we’ve found for hire;
  • Sign the contract to finalize the process and set goals and tasks for the team.
  • Manage the team directly and enjoy optimization of business processes while we take care of all other things.