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We are proud to provide excellent Ukrainian professionals for your live chat support services.

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Nothing beats direct communication with a brand representative when it comes to customer satisfaction. No one wants to wait for an answer on their email or listen to a robotic answer on the helpline. The best solution is a live chat support service that can help customers right away while they are on your website. For customers, it is easy, fast, and convenient.

We recruit specialists for the customer support specialist live chat industry. Outsourcing this process to Ukrainian experts allows one to save money while enjoying all the benefits, such as increased customer satisfaction, client retention, and increased sales and revenue. We’ll help you to outsource live chat operators with little effort.

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We are a trusted service provider with 10+ years of experience in recruiting Ukrainian talent for international companies

Extensive Expertise

A decade of experience makes us confident that we’ll find the best professionals for your live chat service for website

Convenient Cooperation

Ukrainian live chat services for business are comfortable in terms of location and time zone for EU companies. As a European country, Ukraine also shares similar business ethics and values

Reasonable Pricing

One of the main benefits of the live chat outsource practice is that it allows reducing disbursements compared to hiring an in-house team

Business benefits

If you outsource live chat support with us, you’ll get such benefits as increased conversions, real-time customer service, wider reach, customer satisfaction, and growing revenue as a result

Business services

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Custom recruiting has a major benefit that other options won’t give – you can create a team that suits exactly your needs. We will recruit to-level specialists according to your unique business goals and needs as well as the customer persona. After all, you know your customers best.

We can recruit live chat specialists, administrators, back-office support, administrative and technical support, and any other live chat service provider you might need. Also, our team is happy to find multi-lingual specialists for international businesses to increase customer satisfaction even higher.

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So how does it work? The process is very simple:

  • You get in touch with us;
  • Tell our team about your needs and exact requirements for the future live chat team;
  • We recruit top candidates and present them to you;
  • You approve the hire of those specialists that you like;
  • Sign a contract with the new employees and they’ll get to work right after! And we can always ensure administrative support of your live chat team.