Our Services

Our Main Focus

We are proud to source the top Ukrainian talent to help you solve variety of business problems and cover diverse operational activities.

Our Services

Customer Support Services

We offer variety of specialized outsource customer support services, which include:

  • helpdesk services
  • technical support
  • inbound requests processing
  • pre-sales support
  • customer care
  • knowledge base management
  • omnichannel customer support
  • ecommerce support
  • SaaS support

Our Services

Marketing and Sales Services

We are able to hire top inbound and outbound marketing specialists to execute your most ambitious marketing campaigns. Our services include:

  • telemarketing
  • lead generation
  • leads qualification
  • social media management
  • content moderation
  • market research
  • SEO services outsourcing
  • sales outsourcing

Our Services

Back Office Support Services

With over 10 years of experience in hiring top professionals we are able to provide:

  • HR services
  • ful-stack recruiting
  • candidates research
  • application processing
  • outsourcing exit interviews
  • virtual assistance
  • data entry
  • file conversion
  • document formatting
  • MS Office outsourcing

Our Services

Data Annotation Services

Modern AI/ML and Computer Vision applications require refined datasets, which are manually labeled by the data annotation specialists. We are able to hire you data labelers to cope with:

  • image labeling
  • text annotation
  • video labeling
  • audio annotation
  • data anonymization
  • data labeling
  • chatbot training

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