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With our industry expertise and excellent team, we offer outstanding offshore recruiting services

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Whether you are looking for software developers, data entry specialists, IT top-level experts, or even remote recruiters – our company is happy to help you with that.  We have more than a decade of experience in outstaffing Ukrainian specialists for international partners.

We stand out from other recruitment outsourcing companies because of our custom approach, perfect price to quality ratio, fast response, and all-around support of clients. Another great advantage is the flexibility of cooperation, whether it is a small one-time project or large-scale continuous cooperation.

With our assistance, you can access highly experienced and educated professionals that will be a part of your remote dream team.

Industries We Serve

As an expert remote contract recruiter company, we work with any business that reaches out to us. Here are just some of the industries we provided services to:

Why Partner With Us

We are a trusted provider with 10+ years of experience in outstaffing for companies all over the world.

Extensive Expertise

We know all ins and outs of the local workforce market, remote recruiter specifics, and finding the rarest IT specialists

Easy Cooperation

We take care of all tasks from selecting candidates, to interviewing, scanning, and onboarding. We also can support payroll, accounting, and legal matters as well as employee retention

Price to Quality

With us, a company can stay on a budget without compromising on quality

Access to Top Talent

With our market expertise, full cycle of IT recruitment, and custom approach to your needs, we ensure the best specialists for your particular requirements

Remote Recruitment Team

Outsource Recruiting Specialists

The global IT market experiences a talent shortage, but it is not an issue with us – we will find top experts in the rarest technologies for you. The specialists we can recruit are:

  • Software developers;
  • HR outsourced services;
  • Infrastructure management team;
  • Cloud computing experts;
  • Back office support;
  • Quality assurance controllers;
  • Data entry specialists;
  • Data annotation professionals for AI;
  • Project managers;
  • Cybersecurity team;
  • Technical support team;
  • Customer support team;
  • DevOps experts;
  • Big Data specialists, etc.

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If you are excited about all the opportunities outsource recruiting services can bring, here is how you get started:

  • Contact us today;
  • Discuss your project and requirements with our representatives. Tell all about your needs and we’ll get in recruiting right away.
  • Approve the team. We offer you selected top-notch candidates for the team and you decide who to hire.
  • Sign an agreement. It has to define goals, assignments, and terms of cooperation with the team.
  • Enjoy your company’s growth while focusing on core business activity.