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Labeling audio sources is an integral part of developing NLP technology, whether it is a voice assistant or chatbox. An audio labeler is a professional that tags sound according to specific needs so that the computer can learn based on received data.

This process allows separating specific sounds, words, instruments, accents, dialects, etc. Basically, getting all possible information from an audio source.

We provide excellent recruiting services to help businesses bring to life their ambitious projects on time and with maximum efficiency. We help to find audio annotation companies, recruit, onboard, and support audio annotation teams to provide audio data annotation services from top Ukrainian talent.

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We are a trusted outstaffing company with more than 10 years of experience in recruiting top talent for businesses all over the world.

Extensive Expertise

When it comes to the local workforce, we know all ins and outs. We also know exactly how to find suitable specialists or audio annotation company for the unique requirements

Top Talent

With our assistance, businesses can access the best Ukrainian talent without breaking the budget, as rates are much lower than in the US, Canada, or EU

Excellent Quality

From gathering requirements and to administrative support of a prospective team – we guarantee customer satisfaction


We find the candidates, but you are in charge. Clients decide on whom to hire or when to scale up or down. It is flexible and scalable cooperation

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Audio Annotation Specialists

There are several ways to annotate audio files – from acoustic or natural language data classification to one-stage multi-labeling. We are proud to say that we can recruit any type of expert for your unique requirements, such as an audio labeler for:

  • Sound labeling;
  • Event tracking;
  • Speech to text transcription;
  • Audio classification;
  • Multi-labeling audio annotation experts.

We can also find professionals for different types of audio classification, namely:

  • Acoustic data;
  • Environmental sound;
  • Music;
  • Natural language utterance. 

We can recruit project managers, HR professionals, and administrative support staff to make a team complete and self-managing.

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Here is how the process of outsourcing with us looks:

  • Contact us. Start by reaching out via phone or email.
  • State requirements. Tell our team all about your needs and wants when it comes to a remote team.
  • Approve offers. We will find the best candidates for your project and you’ll decide on whom to hire.
  • Sign an agreement. Finalize the team by signing a legal document stating the terms of cooperation.

Enjoy increased efficiency. Focus on the core business activity while your remote team delivers excellent results in data annotation.