HR Outsourcing Costs: How Much You Can Save on Offshoring HR

To hire an excellent specialist is an art not less. If the company specializes in services other than HR, it might be difficult to develop strong talent acquisition groundwork. By no means, it is assumed that the process of establishing a strong human resource department is impossible. Yet, sometimes there is more sense to invest energy and money in the product or services themselves, and address outsourcing instead.

Going for HR outsourcing does not mean that no resources or money are required. Still, HR outsourcing costs will save more and guarantee an aimed result, since the company in charge for sure must have a very well-developed base for offering such services. When addressing the BPO company with one of the vectors in HR, the business will pay the professionals once and get the experts on board. 

Trying to deal with the employment process on the company’s own may double, if not triple the cost of outsourcing HR, and still does not promise the project to be done by a qualified employee. However, let’s dive deeper into an evidence base to prove the benefits of employing recruitment process outsourcing.

HR Outsourcing Benefits: Outsourced HR Cost Solution

Businesses of various kinds and sizes are known to benefit from opting for outsourced HR services. All the employment burden lies on the BPO company’s shoulders. Outsourcing HR equals getting access to the most suitable candidates for the job with state-of-art onboarding procedures. HR outsourcing cost pales in comparison with all the extra payments that might arise from trying to save on working with a human resource company. 

Finding the right person for the job is quite a bumpy road, without an intricately built HR infrastructure may cost by times more in comparison with paying once and having the job done. Let’s have a look at a very primitive example. 

First, one has to hire (by means of thorough research and survey, and all the other quality-check procedures) an HR, or an HR team on a permanent basis. Scoring this, businesses expect the next victory – high-quality professionals being employed by the HR department. Sometimes  if not often), the first score might turn out to be a real foal which will pull the rest of the troubles with it. What to do next? Accept the truth – money wasted, and start round two. This does not look like a smart move.

Yes, you will still pay money to the BPO company according to her outsourcing pricing. Yet return on investments will cover and multiply by far, income-wise. This is a correct business economy. HR outsourcing prices will depend on a lot of factors: the size of the business, types of HR outsourcing, geographical specification, etc. 

According to COSTHACK, the cost of HR outsourcing may vary from $39 per month (with very limited services provided) to, in some cases, $1,500. Speaking about average estimates, it is possible to mention $129/month, per specialist. However, that will depend on the factors mentioned above. If we look at PriceItHere source, we will see that in 2022 HR outsourcing cost will be somewhere between $53 and $1,510 per month. How do you know that there are savings possible? Well, PayScale data says that an HR manager’s salary ranges from $42k – $111k per year. This is just one person out of the group of specialists dealing with employment. So far, math is loud and enhances the benefits of HR outsourcing.

HR Outsourcing Pricing Models

Well, how does HR outsourcing reduce costs? It does so through choosing the right HR outsourcing pricing models. Let’s look at the existing ones.

Here are the ways that companies may charge for HR outsourcing:

  • Bundled pricing model. The explanation comes from the name itself: the business pays for the bundle of services. The main idea here is to make sure that no overpaying is happening since in further perspective the business might keep on paying for no longer needed services.
  • Pay-as-you-go model (flat fee). You pay for the exact service you get and use.
  • Pay-by-period (hourly, monthly, annually). Hiring a dedicated team, the business pays for the services delivered through a certainly-defined period of time.
  • Pay-per-employee (AKA HR outsourcing cost per employee). Proven to be quite an effective way of payment due to its absence of high salaries penalization.
  • Payroll percentage charge. Outsourcing HR services cost depends on the percentage of the company’s payroll. Here, the company must understand that whenever there is a salary raise for employees, the vendor will charge more also. Meaning, that a salary increase is supposed to result in a payroll increase.
outsourced hr cost

Let’s dig through some directories on how to pick the best outsourcing pricing option:

  • Learn your business needs exactly.
  • Examine a company’s budget potential.
  • Befriend timeframes for any task to be completed.
  • Strictly understand the outsourcing partner’s guidelines on charging.
  • Search for flexibility ( in the long run, some negotiation might be needed).

Depending on business needs, project description, and specialist requirements, vendors providing HR services define their vision of how payments must be made, including the interests of both sides. RPO companies are interested in estimating equally satisfying payment options in order to support image loyalty via generating faith in how the business is performed.

HR Outsourcing Cost Factors

HR outsourcing services prove themselves to save the budget of the company. Pricing models discussed in the previous section have given the idea of the financial relationships and the terms on which those can be arranged on. This part is devoted to discovering factors that influence the cost contributing to the average HR outsourcing cost savings. The major ones may be defined as follows:

  • The number of the already-existing employees. Fewer specialists you have to hire, more money and energy saved. This is especially reasonable for the budget matters when the vendor’s pricing model is pay-per-employee.
  • Business size. in most cases directly proportional connection: the bigger business may afford wider services and the cost will depend accordingly, as well as the bigger company requires more work to be processed by the BPO provider.
  • HR needs for commissioning. This factor is solidly defined by the business needs at the given moment. 
  • The extent of information to be processed. Data to be handled by the RPO vendor has a direct connection to the accounting and hr fees outsourcing cost guidelines. HR outsourcing services are obliged to deliver the most suitable candidates for the job. For that, they must know who they have to look for. This is achievable through learning the project requirements at their best. Such an approach requires time and that time is supposed to be rewarded. 
  • Tech part employed. State-of-the-art technology for finding, screening, vetting and other employment aspects at the vendor’s disposal will also become a crucial element for setting a cost blueprint.
  • Arrangement type. More intricate bulleted points written down in the contract will lead to more money spent on the service. Therefore, when it comes to negotiation the company-customer must be crystal clear on the human resource spectrum, and the vendor side must be flexible on the perks that it can offer, considering all the requirements and terms.
  • Branches of the industry. The cost will depend on the certain expertise of specialists and their salary value on the market.
  • HR demographics. Geographical position of the dedicated HR team may impact expenditures on the services. For example, Central Europe countries offer a huge talent pool of various experts whose skills and experience may be successfully outsourced and this will cost far less than hiring the same expert, let’s say from the USA or Western Europe. 

Costs of offshoring and HR costs when it comes to outsourcing do come with a strict dependence on quite a bunch of terms, yet it still opts for less money being spent in comparison with trying to develop an in-house HR department of the same highly-qualified competence.

cost of outsourcing hr

The Intricacies and Challenges of HR Outsourcing

  1. Understanding the Financial Implications: How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Human Resources?

HR outsourcing, while often a cost-effective strategy, presents a financial puzzle that organizations must carefully solve. The cost to outsource human resources varies widely, depending on factors such as the size of the company, the complexity of HR needs, and the services chosen. A comprehensive understanding of these variables is essential to evaluate the real value of outsourcing and ensure the investment aligns with the company’s strategic objectives.

  1. Navigating the Complexities of HR Service Costs

The financial aspect of outsourcing goes beyond the surface-level cost. Delving deeper into HR service costs, organizations encounter a labyrinth of charges that can include setup fees, per-employee costs, and additional charges for premium services. It is essential to scrutinize these costs in detail to achieve a true picture of the outsourcing budget and avoid unexpected financial burdens.

  1. Balancing Quality and Cost: How Much Does It Cost to Outsource HR?

As companies strive to optimize their HR function, the question of quality versus cost arises. Finding an outsourcing partner that delivers high-quality services at a competitive price is a challenging endeavor. The answer to “how much does it cost to outsource HR?” is not merely a number but a complex equation that encompasses service quality, efficiency, and the potential impact on employee satisfaction.

  1. Unforeseen Outsource HR Services Cost

One of the challenging aspects of HR outsourcing is dealing with unforeseen costs. These can emerge from various sources such as changes in service requirements, regulatory updates, or additional training needs. A comprehensive understanding of outsource HR services cost, including potential hidden charges, is crucial to prevent budget overruns and maintain financial stability.

  1. Grappling with the Question: How Much Does Outsourcing Cost?

While it’s often touted as a cost-saving measure, the reality is that outsourcing can sometimes be more expensive than anticipated. Answering the question “how much does outsourcing cost?” requires a thorough examination of direct and indirect costs. This includes not only the service fee but also the costs associated with transition, potential disruption to business operations, and managing the outsourcing relationship.

  1. Cost of Outsourced HR Services: Assessing Value for Money

Evaluating the cost of outsourced HR services involves more than just tallying numbers. It requires a careful assessment of the value delivered — in terms of time saved, increased efficiency, and enhanced HR capabilities. The real challenge lies in quantifying these benefits against the cost, to ascertain if outsourcing offers genuine value for money.

In conclusion, while HR outsourcing can bring numerous benefits, it also presents a set of financial challenges that organizations must navigate. A thorough understanding of costs, careful provider selection, and a focus on value rather than just price can help companies overcome these hurdles and make the most of their outsourcing strategy.

Hiring a Dedicated HR From a BPO Company

It’s been mentioned not once that hiring a dedicated HR from a BPO company will look like a beneficial solution for business. Actually, it won’t just look, it will indeed be. Since, not only the company wins from HR outsourcing costs, saving an extra dime, or several, the business also wins in terms of saved energy, creativity, and one of the most precious assets that humanity owns, relatively though, – precious time.

How is the time saved? Well, for starters the bulk of recruitment work is taken off the company’s shoulders. Instead of engaging existing employees in human resources business (which they probably have little expertise in), the administration will let them concentrate on their direct responsibilities, boosting the business’s efficiency.

The next prominent peculiarity of the outsourced HR services is its wizardry in delivering a way more proactive and cutting-edge approach to the recruitment processes. Since HR outsourcing is not only about finding an employee and then just letting him/her float in the unknown. A dedicated HR team knows its way through helping the employee to adjust, to enjoy the job, to stay motivated and result-oriented, and, actually, stay. The last aspect guarantees employees retention and saves time (shocking) on finding somebody new who has to be trained, educated, etc.

HR outsourcing prices have demonstrated their cost-effectiveness already since such HR will be full-stack and the company won’t need to pay separately for each type of HR service to prove the point even more so, we might wanna look at what the full-time HR may cost monthly and hourly in such countries as the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, and Ukraine. The table below has it.

Country HR monthly salary (net) HR hourly rate (net)
USA $4,603 $26.56
Switzerland $6,548 $62.12
Germany $4,367 $18.42
Denmark $2,725 $39,64
Netherlands $5,825 $26
Ukraine $1,164 $7
hr outsourcing cost

The table shows the average salaries of one specialist – the HR manager, which means that to some extent an approximate sum of money should be paid solely to one employee. Honestly, to hire talent for the job one specialist on the team will not be enough. An outsourced dedicated team presents a full-stack HR unit that comes with even less money paid, yet with a solid infrastructure for filling the customer’s needs. Cost-effectiveness is indeed a second name for outsourced HR services.

Mobilunity-BPO Company: Cost-effective HR Outsourcing 

In 2010 Mobilunity-BPO introduced itself to the outsourcing market. That has been marked as a starting point to establish an immaculate image of a provider of excellent specialists who add up value to the customer’s business, maximizing its potential.

At first, it was known as a marketing company, which slowly has transformed into a highly-competitive outsourcing vendor. In 2017 Mobilunity-BPO engaged in helping businesses employ dedicated specialists in order to implement the latest business solutions at a reasonable outsourcing cost. The business vertical is as follows:

  • recruiting and HR
  • SEO outsourcing
  • online research
  • telemarketing
  • SMM
  • database management
  • data entry
  • MS Office outsourcing

The company’s philosophy is in developing a people-to-people approach, minding that business is done for people from people, therefore each side of the business process must be appreciated highly and equally. So the Mobilunity-BPO does and we can see the outcomes.

  • 10+ years of successful experience
  • 1000+ accomplished projects
  • 40+ clients around the globe
  • 200+ professional employees

Addressing HR outsourcing via Mobilunity-BPO the client receives:

  • stress-free employment process
  • prices that do not exhaust the budget
  • great variety of services
  • every customer gets individual support
  • high-class proficiency 

Mobilunity-BPO is sure to provide the customer with the most convenient experience in HR and recruitment, assuring the most suitable candidates for the job at the most comfortable prices.


HR outsourcing has its both advantages and disadvantages, so as actually any concept in the Universe. Yet, in the final run, when considering all the pros and cons, the businesses will notice how positively outsourced HR services may impact their growth. That is possible via saving a pretty good bulk of the budget alongside time that could be devoted to the development of the product or service that the company is focused on. To each his own. Somebody can run the business and generate marvelous ideas, somebody else can find brilliant experts to make those ideas see the market. Beautiful cooperation will result in revenues, growth, and prosperity. Key principles HR outsourcing stands by.

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