Hire a Top Email Marketing Consultant in 2023

A successful business includes many various experts with different roles and one of such roles is an email marketing consultant who can help your business to implement a project of any complexity.

The Role of Email Marketing In Your Business

The main role of an email marketing expert is to get the customer motivated about your product and keep them interested with the help of email newsletters and other messages. The expert prepares high-quality texts, chooses their design and content, and sends them to the subscribers via email. Additionally, the email marketing specialist makes a mailing plan so your clients will not get the emails all the time so they will not get annoyed by messages.

If you want to hire email marketing consultant, you should also know that their functions are not only based on writing the texts and sending them – such a specialist also creates the email structure and design so it becomes more readable and attractive for potential clients. They also must analyze the interaction with emails and if the mailing does not bring the larger auditory or sales, change the mailing strategy. 

They not only maintain contact with customers but are in fact the face of your company, representing its benefits. The main task of such an expert is to arouse and maintain interest in your products and services.

The Qualities Of A Top Email Marketing Consultant

In case you want to use one of the email marketing consulting services, it is also important to remember the qualities of such a consultant that can make the work much more effective.

  • Copywriting 

An email marketing consultant is able to write short and informative emails for your clients and to construct a text in such a way as to interest potential clients and keep their attention. It includes the style and context of the email, as well as correct grammar and vocabulary.

  • Email Design

Emails should also be designed properly. It means that the message’s structure should be readable and easy to understand and the text should include appropriate pictures, fonts, and colors.

  • Strategic Planning

The other important skill of the top email marketing strategy consultant is the ability to plan the mailing so subscribers will not get lots of emails. They also decide which information should the clients get and when it is more appropriate.

  • Understanding Economics

It is not obvious but such an expert should have some skills of an eCommerce marketing manager and understand how to make your services more marketable. Their task is not only to make readable text but also to represent your products so clients will want to buy them.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Top Email Marketing Consultant

If you are already typing “email marketing consultant services” in your search engine, you will also find out about lots of benefits that you will get, for instance, larger auditory as for such a consultant email marketing is not a big deal. Thus, before looking for “consultant marketing email”, read about some of such pros.

  • Bigger Audience

You will get more clients as email marketing consultants will always inform them about the features of your products so their interest will grow rapidly as your email marketing expert will prepare appropriate text messages for them.

  • Increase In Sales

By hiring an eCommerce email marketing consultant you also get the possibility to increase your income because of efficient sales. Additionally, you will avoid some unnecessary expenses which you can use to hire Google Ads expert, for example.

  • Always In Touch With Clients

You will also be able to be always in touch with your clients and know what they want so you can implement their wishes into your further products. In this way, it will have a positive effect on your customers’ overall attitude toward your business.

  • More Free Time

It is obvious, but such a worker will let you spare time working with people and general auditory. Thus you can use this time for other projects and tasks and save energy for other work.

How To Find The Right Email Marketing Expert For Your Business

There are a few ways to find the right expert for working with emails. For instance, you can try to do it yourself searching among employee search sites. There are various specialists from different countries with various experience and levels of skills so it will be not problematic to find a talented freelance email marketing consultant. Additionally, you can choose specialists with various hourly rates or monthly salaries.

This method works if you have enough time and energy but it is actually very hard to find some free hours nowadays, especially, if your business requires your total inclusion in the fulfillment of tasks. Thus, the most popular strategy is to contact one of the email consulting services which will find you the right worker.

There are also some other nuances that should be analyzed during the job interview. For example, you may ask a potential employee about how long they work in consulting email marketing or show their previous projects. You may also ask about their favorite or the most hateful projects.

The interview requires some extra time so it is not so easy to arrange an interview that is convenient for both you and the field worker. That is why more and more companies prefer to work with services where they can find skilled and experienced workers in any field, for example, you can outsource social media marketing. It does not require some large expenses and saves lots of time.

How To Work Successfully With An Email Marketing Consultant

There are some simple rules on how to deal with email marketing consulting to get an efficient result that will increase both your auditory and sales. For example, you should not give your worker extra tasks which are not appropriate for their roles like working on the site’s design or structure.

Additionally, you also need to consider the consultant as a partner, not just an employee. You may be a perfect leader of the project but still have not enough experience in email marketing – that is why it is important to consider the consultant’s pieces of advice and recommendations on the project.

The success of the project also depends on how clearly you tell them your plans and wishes. Familiarize the specialist with all the nuances of the project, its goals, and desired prospects. This will allow the expert to carefully plan the work and structure their tasks.

Also, to avoid some uncomfortable situations you need to talk about the salary or at least the hourly rate. There are various email marketing consultant rates that are based on their experience, the difficulty of the task, and other aspects. So talk about them beforehand and decide which price for the work will be the most appropriate for the worker.

Email Marketing Consultants’ Pricing 

As it was mentioned before the prices for email marketing consulting may be quite different and based on many factors. First of all, the salaries are impacted by the country the employee is from. Thus, you need to know a bit more about email marketing consultant salary per month in case you hire them from other countries.


In case you need to hire an employee for part-time work, you also need to become familiar with email marketing consultant rates that also differ depending on the worker’s experience or location.

Ukraine3$5$ 6$

As you can see, the most financially efficient for hiring email marketing experts is Ukraine as in this country one can find an expert of any level and for the most affordable price. So you will not only get a skilled expert but also will save you money.

Our Main Service Models

Part-time expert: In case you have a limited budget or a small project, you can try this model and get an email marketing expert for part-time tasks. It is a flexible model which you can try any time you need.

Full-time expert: The email marketer will become a part of your team and will be fully involved in your project. In this case, you will pay a monthly salary, so this model is appropriate for long-term projects.

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