How to Successfully Outsource Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Outsourcing Transforms Business

When making a decision to outsource social media marketing you are choosing the best and the easiest way for scaling your business. Outsourced social media can help your business raise and increase its productivity greatly. 

All of this is possible due to the algorithm according to which social media marketing works. Mainly it interacts with your target audience via the social media platforms to promote your products and tell more about its benefits. It helps to extend the circle of your potential customers and increase your presence in the media. 

So keep reading to learn more aspects of social media outsource, get some tips on how to find the best services for your business and succeed due to it.

The Challenges of Social Media Outsourcing

Of course, as all in our world, outsourcing of social media marketing services has its pros and cons. And from the list below you can learn more about the possible challenges you may tackle when looking for a suitable social media manager outsource or agency.

  1. Choice of the right talent

It is important to find a specialist that will be productive in your concrete field and have some experience in it. So it demands proper selection of all talents on the market (and there are really a lot of them). 

What is more, it requires a high level of understanding of your needs from your side. Maybe you need public relations services instead of a social media manager? It will be good to explore!

  1. Looking for services with suitable cost

The next issue is setting a budget and looking for an expert corresponding to it. From one side you need to be realistic and understand that mostly cost relates to quality. But at the same time you need to value your abilities realistically and pay only the money you have. So it can be challenging to correlate these two moments.

  1. Necessity to be definite in your wishes and goals 

When you have already chosen a specialist or an agency it is time to explain what you actually expect from this collaboration. But before that you need to define your wishful results on your own. Be maximally concrete in your wishes. It is probably the core principle of future successful results. 

  1. Communication with specialists

And last but not least, the issue is communication with an expert or agency. It may contain like 90% of future good or bad results. So try to be concrete in your wishes and give as many details of what you are expecting to receive as you can. Only in such a way a specialist can do his work perfectly. Also do not be embarrassed to talk to the expert to learn his view and possibilities. Maybe you need to look for some compromise or better solution.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media

When you are already aware of all possible difficulties connected with choosing and hiring a specialist, let’s talk about the benefits you can get from social media marketing outsource.

  1. High recognition of your business and rising productivity

Social media marketing can help your business to increase its recognition and popularity in the market. It ensures you more customers and more profit. To achieve even better results you can hire dedicated SEO expert in addition to your social media manager to work with both human-related and non-human ways of targeting. 

  1. No worries for you, no wasting of time

Outsourcing is the best way to get rid of inappropriate worries especially when you work with specialists you really trust. All will be done without you, so that you can dedicate yourself to other important things.

  1. Expert view on your business

A specialist will analyze your presence in social media, describe its pros and cons and work on improving it. In such a way you may not only improve your strategy but also get something new (for example, start working with new platforms or start chat bot training).

  1. Unique approach for your business

Probably you have less skills and experience in marketing and do not know some important aspects of it. But an expert knows and can build a good-working strategy according to the specifics of your business.

  1. Specialized marketing tools

Apart from the expert side of view on your presence on social media you may also get some premium marketing tools. Surely it may be beneficial for your business in future, especially if you will teach to work with them on your own.

  1. More time for your in-house team

Also outsourcing gives you an opportunity to delegate some tasks so that your team will have an opportunity to concentrate on other important tasks. At the same time you do not need to pay a lot for this.

Tasks and Responsibilities of a Social Media Manager

Probably it is still not clear what in fact social media managers do. So let’s see it in concrete examples. Below you can familiarize with possible tasks and responsibilities of a social media specialist on different platforms.

Platform 1: Facebook

  • Check the wall for posts and replies
  • Make new posts
  • Make status updates
  • Analyze and use the data from Facebook insights
  • Use special marketing tools for deeper analysis
  • Improve your marketing strategy according to gained insights

Platform 2: Instagram

  • Makes content plan
  • Helps to find your own style that will correspond to industry you serve
  • Use special tools that influence algorithms a lot (for example, Reels)
  • Check direct messages
  • Check comments and customers’ relation
  • Use statistics from the platform to correct the strategy

Platform 3: Twitter

  • Monitor mentions of your brand
  • Monitor discussions related to your brand and industry
  • Make status updates
  • Write great posts according to the platform requirements
  • Check direct messages and answer on them
  • Analyze all data and correct the marketing strategy

Platform 4: Tiktok

  • Make content plan
  • Knows how the algorithms work
  • Check direct messages
  • Check comments and replies
  • Monitor competitors publications
  • Analyze all data and shape marketing strategy

Platform 5: YouTube

  • Make clingy headlines for new content
  • Create tags for better promotion
  • Make YouTube shorts or use other new tools for higher results
  • Structure all the content on platform (make playlists, for example)
  • Monitor the comments and overall tune
  • Analyze the statistics that platform performs

How to Choose an Agency for Social Media Outsourcing

Probably now you have a question: “How to outsource social media marketing?” The answer is: “Easily!” And the best way is to find an agency and delegate all tasks to them. How? Check out the tips below and find your agency simply.

  • Check the portfolio and learn more about their specialization
  • Find out more about their clients and completed projects
  • Check reviews
  • Evaluate their approach
  • Decide whether it will be suitable for your business and your field
  • Learn more about the way they work (ability to track results, make changes in process, way of communication)
  • Weight all pros and cons or just ask yourself if you like this agency

Most likely after going through all these steps you will be ready to make a decision. 

Outsource Social Media Management Cost

One more important point in choosing the specialist is payment. So we prepared a table with outsource social media manager monthly salaries in different countries.

Netherlands $2530$5170$8060
Ukraine $320$610$940

So, as you can see, most likely outsourcing of social management will be cost-effective. Especially when it is social media outsourcing for small businesses, for example, to Ukraine. 

Our Main Service Models

  1. Hiring part-time specialists. This model will be relevant if you have a short project with tight deadlines. Such a specialist will complete the task fastly and do it really well. At the same time you will pay only for working hours that are super cost-effective.
  1. Full-time dedicated specialists. If you have a long-lasting project or want to extend your already existing team and delegate some tasks to give more spare time to your specialists, hiring a full-time expert will be a solution. Such a specialist will become an integral part of your team and even stay for other projects if you want. Is a Company With Deep Experience in Social Media Outsourcing

Mobilunity-BPO is a 10+ years experienced company that works with companies all over the world. We are skilled at finding and providing talented specialists for diverse tasks. 

We are working in such industries as social media management, SEO outsourcing, recruiting and HR, online research, telemarketing, database management and many more!

With us you can start your perfect way to successful business strategy easily! From the first step of connecting with us till the results we will support you and do our best. Our process of work includes individual approach according to your needs, choosing best suitable candidates, testing them and controlling all over the process. 

So you will not worry about anything, we will do it all by ourselves. The only thing we are expecting from you is doing the first step on that way!

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