The Role of Autonomous Vehicle Annotation in Self-Driving AI

Self-driving cars are consistently and quickly at the forefront of the market. Not only are they convenient in practical terms, but they are also cost-effective. In addition, they allow people without a license or minors to travel safely from one place to another while avoiding accidents. The development of such vehicles began in the early twentieth century, but full-fledged models, ready for operation, appeared only in the early nineteenth century. Despite such a short period, unmanned cars are rapidly developing and becoming more and more in demand. This is made possible primarily by artificial intelligence.

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The Essence of Self Driving AI

Artificial intelligence is the core that makes the existence of self-driving cars possible. Above all, this is achieved through a number of functions, such as geospatial annotation, which will allow the vehicle to move better on the roads. In addition, artificial intelligence allows the recognition of road signs, license plates, and objects on the road. Also, artificial intelligence allows you to determine what object is on the road – a person, an animal, or another car. This is achieved through background removal services, which remove unnecessary noise from the vehicle. But the self driving ai functionality is not limited to this – the car can also determine the colors of traffic lights and the presence of pedestrians thanks to AI video tagging. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents, because human attention is not perfect, and the AI is unrealistic to distract.

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The Most Demanded Annotation Services for Autonomous Vehicles Images

Creating a vehicle that is fully compliant with modern autonomous vehicles images is possible thanks to a number of services that are usually necessary to create cars. They provide not only comfort, but also safety for both driver and pedestrian.

3D cuboids

This service allows you to create three-dimensional models of objects. It allows you not only to determine their location on the road, but also the type of objects.

Object tracking

This service allows you to track objects that are on the road, regardless of their type. Thus autonomous vehicle data will help to avoid accidents.


Another useful feature that allows you to locate and move objects. With its help, self-driving technology identifies sides of the road, sidewalks, etc.

Video annotation

The service allows you to annotate and track the movement of objects on the road. It also predicts the possible movement of objects. 


The main task of this service is to identify crosswalks, sidewalks, roads. In addition, it helps to determine the presence of double lanes on the roads.

All Types of Data Annotations Covered

Why Autonomous Vehicle Annotation Should Be Handled by Outsourced Professionals

The idea of working on autonomous vehicle annotation looks pretty interesting, however, manual labeling of data is better left in the hands of professionals, because it has several advantages. It is especially effective to hire an outsourced data labeling specialist for the project, who will understand perfectly how to implement the task.

  • Safety. This is the central part of the development of AI for transport. Outsourced professional annotators have a lot of experience in this field and upon need you may sign additional data procession and safety documents.
  • Understanding the nuances of development. As mentioned earlier, outsourced data annotators with experience in Computer Vision usually have enough experience to complete manual labeling tasks very fast. For example, only some enthusiasts can cope with data labeling for computer vision, while a professional will do it much better and faster.
  • Speed of operation. This is also no unimportant factor, because if you do such a project on your own, then most of the time it will take to sort out the theoretical part. Also, a lot of time will be spent correcting your own mistakes. For a professional to achieve a quality result is much less time.
  • Cost reduction. Usually, the cost of hiring a data annotator locally is quite high, but hiring an outsourced worker will ensure that you can choose the specialist with the best cost. This will significantly reduce the cost of the company.
  • Great variability. When choosing data annotation specialists in your country, you may find that there is little choice. But if you look for specialists all over the world, the choice will be really huge, and the company will have an opportunity to choose the person whose skills are most suitable for it.
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How to Find a Good Data Annotation Specialist

Despite the popularity of the field of autonomous vehicle annotation, it can be really hard to find a specialist with the right level of skills. That is why the best option is to turn to providers with a lot of experience. The best in this business in Ukraine is which has 10+ years of expertise in diverse countries. Since 2010, the company has been a reliable provider of talent search services from Ukraine. Now the company is a successful and popular outsourcing agency that has developed websites already for clients. The company finds employees to handle tasks ranging from software development to customer support and data annotation. The company will help you find specialists to turn an autonomous vehicle image into a real product.

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