How to Hire a Marketing Strategist to Boost Sales

When you think about industry-leading brands like Samsung, Nike, or Google, you are not only thinking about their products. The presented values and philosophy come to mind. Behind the leading brands are always unique stories that attract customers and loyal partners.

This is a result of a well-designed marketing strategy. With a highly competitive market, it becomes even more essential to invest in marketing. After all, there might be many companies offering similar services or products. But branding, marketing, and overall strategy are what make a business stand out.

That’s why companies decide to hire a marketing strategist. This is a highly-skilled professional who can help a company achieve new goals, boost sales, and grow the brand internationally. In this guide, you’ll learn all about the role of a digital marketing strategist and how to hire one.

The Role of a Brand and Marketing Strategist

A marketing strategist is a professional who works with data to find the best marketing strategies for a particular business, product, or campaign. A company can hire a marketing strategist if they struggle with reaching the target audience, keeping up with the competition, or converting clicks into sales.

A professional brand marketing strategist analyzes the company’s branding, marketing efforts, potential markets, and communication channels. After gathering all the data, the expert can design a new plan for how to achieve set goals, whether you are interested in user acquisition or higher sales.

The main goal of such an expert is to define the overall strategy and specific actions to meet the business objectives. They might suggest focusing on digital content and attracting an excellent content creator for hire to boost your blog or company’s website.

Or they might suggest more effective communication channels. For instance, maybe you are using Facebook as the primary social media channel but the majority of your target audience is on Instagram.

Reasons to Hire a Marketing Strategist

Before you decide where to look for an expert content marketing strategist, it is essential to evaluate why you need such an expert in the first place. The main reason is understandable – if your current strategy does not meet business goals, it might be a good time to try a new approach.

When do you need to hire marketing strategist? Here are the main situations a business can find itself in that signify that you might need a sales and marketing strategist:

  • If you didn’t have a comprehensive strategy to begin with and were acting on hit or miss basis;
  • When you do not have time or internal resources to review the strategy and upgrade it;
  • If you lack internal expertise when it comes to strategic marketing;
  • If your current efforts do not pay off in terms of sales, conversions, and growing the audience;
  • When need competitive advantage on the market;
  • If you need an objective perspective on the current marketing efforts.

Another major reason why a business might need a product marketing manager is the development of a new product or service that needs to be released effectively.

Working with a highly-skilled specialist offers several significant benefits, such as:

  • More time to focus on the core of your business or design of new products/services;
  • You get data-driven analysis on the market, your current situation, and the most effective techniques to use;
  • You will access the expertise that might not be otherwise available to you;
  • The business gets a unique and personalized strategy with specific actions to take to boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, or get a competitive advantage.
  • It is a perfect opportunity to get a fresh and objective perspective on what you’ve been doing wrong or right.

From such a collaboration, a company gets an efficient marketing plan that can be implemented immediately.

Skills and Responsibilities of Marketing Strategist Consultant

If your business does need a professional online marketing strategist, it is essential to know what skills to look for.

The most valuable skills for such an expert are:

  • Expertise in marketing, advertising, outsourced email marketing services and business and digital strategies;
  • Proficiency in market analytics and data-driven research;
  • Knowledge of ROI, ROAS, and the best marketing practices to increase them;
  • Experience in lead generation outsourcing services, digital marketing and creation of marketing plans for brands;
  • Knowledge of CRM software and various content management systems;
  • Excellent communication;
  • Attention to detail and project management skills;
  • Creativity, problem-solving, and analytical thinking.

Usually, the responsibilities of a product or search marketing strategist include:

  • Research and data-driven analysis of current marketing strategy and its effectiveness;
  • In-depth market research;
  • Development of a strategic marketing plan for a company that aligns with its business goals and objectives;
  • Alignment of marketing efforts according to overall strategy;
  • Work on plans for the release of new products or services;
  • Analysis of customer feedback to provide the highest customer satisfaction;
  • Forecasting market trends and adjustment of activities accordingly;
  • Brand positioning and narrative communication with the audience;
  • Track KPIs and sales to establish the effectiveness of specific activities;
  • Development of specific paid or unpaid campaigns;
  • Identification of new market opportunities.

Benefits of Outsourcing Product Marketing Strategist Position

Outsourcing is a common business practice when it comes to accessing rare expertise or finding excellent specialists. Whether you want to hire a community manager or digital marketing strategist, it is worth considering outsourcing.

Here are the main benefits of outsourcing that also serve as reasons why opt for this type of collaboration.

1. You get a new perspective on the matter and access highly-skilled professionals. Often, an internal team might develop some bias when working on the same project for a long time. A new person comes with a fresh perspective and unbiased opinion, which offers better insights.

2. Outsourcing is cost-effective compared to in-house or local hiring. This allows small and medium-sized businesses to attract top talent for a fraction of the price.

3. You get access to a wider talent pool. Outsourcing is a great solution if specific talent is not available locally. Top-notch professionals are not easy to find and they might be busy with other projects. But outsourcing significantly increases the talent pool you get to choose from.

4. Higher speed and efficiency. Your internal team gets to focus on the core of the business and its primary responsibilities while the marketing strategist works on an effective plan.

5. Access to the newest tools and technologies. Agencies and individuals that offer such services invest in the best tools and solutions for market analysis and optimization of specific efforts. Such technologies are often expensive but with outsourcing, you get all the benefits of using them without investing directly.

Overall, outsourcing provides a clear and defined marketing strategy for reasonable costs and with great speed. This is the foundation of business growth and data-driven decisions.

How to Hire a Marketing Strategist

If you want to hire such a professional, there are several steps to take.

  1. Define the goals and objectives you want to meet.
  2. Understand the role, skills, and responsibilities of a brand and marketing strategist.
  3. Decide whether you want to hire locally or outsource the process.
  4. Prepare job description and offer to post online.
  5. Source applicants and conduct preliminary screening.
  6. Conduct interviews and proper skills assessment;
  7. Ensure cultural fit and make an offer.
  8. Sign a contract and start cooperation.

If you decide on outsourcing, often you only need to set requirements and describe them to an agency. All other steps will be done by professional recruiters.

Marketing Strategist Salary

The average digital marketing strategist salary depends on the level of expertise and location of a professional. Here is a comparison table of average monthly salaries in 5 countries for junior, middle, and senior specialists.

Country Junior Middle Senior
USA $5,128 $6,615 $13,330
Germany $3,974 $4,495 $6,798
UK $3,277 $3,882 $6,050
Netherlands $3,439 $7,158 $11,286
Ukraine $702 $1,258 $1,634

Services We Offer

Mobilunity-BPO is a Ukrainian company with more than a decade of experience in finding the best marketing strategists for all types of businesses. We offer an individual approach, quick recruiting, and flexible cooperation. Our clients can choose one of the two hiring models:

  • Hiring part-time specialists. It is suitable for small projects or businesses that need access to expertise but do not have a full workload for a specialist. This is a cost-efficient way to get all the benefits of cooperating with a marketing strategist.
  • Hiring full-time dedicated professionals. It is perfect for businesses that look for continuous cooperation. In such a case, an expert will work exclusively for you 40 hours a week.

Our team is ready to find the best talent for your specific needs. All you need to do is reach out and tell us all about your requirements, goals, and expectations. We’ve partnered with brands across the world to provide them with top-notch experts.

If you are ready to hire a marketing strategist with us, contact our team today!