Outsourced Technical Support: Pros and Cons

Every successful business owner knows how its reputation and performance can be tarnished in no time by having a poor-quality customer care team. No matter how great the product that the brand offers, if there are troubles in communication with an end-user, customers are likely to switch to a competitor. 

On the brighter side, people usually tend to forget a bad experience in case the customer assistance provided was exceptional. According to a study by Qualtrics XM Institute, 83% of customers remember a positive experience with a customer care expert, while 4 out of 5 users with a bad experience will never forget it. The fact remains, having top-level tech aid is now the key factor that affects any business success.

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Understanding Technical Support Outsourcing

Technical support services encompass a wide range of tasks and work closely with users, providing information about a product, clarifying details, or solving problems that have arisen. A well-organized assistance center gives access to product feedback. Having access to this data, a business would be able to strategize the further development of the product and improve the overall user experience. 

On the flip side, the tech aid department implementation may come as a very costly and time-consuming process. Tech customer care outsourcing aids in reducing about 60% of the company’s expenses, so no wonder most corporations tend to take advantage of it.

Even before remote work became the “new norm”, many companies chose to hire IT experts abroad. The US firms choosing technical support outsource resulted in an average of about 300 thousand vacancies abroad, holding the lead in the number of deals with designated companies. Many developed countries, including Great Britain, Australia, Switzerland, and others, consider outstaffing as a smart solution to save budget costs.

Naturally, such an interest in outsourcing technical support services to developing countries has given a boost to the active development and normalization of the redistributing workforce. So to say, in India and the Philippines, there are huge companies that specialize in providing outsourced crews, as mentioned on CapitalCounselor. Not the least place among the countries to hire outsourced technical support experts is taken by Poland and Ukraine.

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What Are Types of Tech Assistance Most Common to Outsource?

Depending on the business and the solutions it provides, customer care agents may either provide information and resolve issues related to payments, functionality, and operations, or be agents who would fix imperfections and bugs.

Most IT companies have long used a 3 or 4 tier customer care department division, which allows them to deal with request queues more quickly and efficiently. Often this system is personalized and adapted to business needs, its features, and priority tasks.

Tier 0 Technical Support

It’s usually some automated self-assistance, which includes FAQs, virtual assistants, and chatbots, which help users independently resolve issues without contacting the helpdesk.

Tier 1 Technical Support

The first level solves the largest pile of problems that users couldn’t find solutions on their own. Here experts collect information about the client and classify the issue type. If it’s tough to solve the problem by the first tier, the request is escalated to the next command. Most often, the first level provides 24/7 help via chats, calls, or emails.

Tier 2 Technical Support

Tier 2 includes agents who have more specific knowledge and provide troubleshooting for complex cases. If it’s an IT project, tier 2 deals with code-related issues, serious bugs, and less frequent errors. 

In some cases, the firm adds the third tier with specialists or administrators. Their task is to analyze the problem and if it’s impossible to solve it, provide a workaround. But more often, tough and unsolvable cases are escalated to the R&D department instead.

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Technical Support Services Outsourcing Benefits

By offering communication channels (live chats, social media, e-mails), a business establishes a human-oriented, reliable brand image and wins peoples’ trust. Being able to reach a customer care office is a critical factor to 90% of American users when selecting a service, as a Microsoft report says. There are several perks related to using outsource tech support, so here are a few points to take into account:

  • Decreased Staffing Expenses. The main reason why businesses choose to hire overseas is the economic benefit. The average customer care agent salary in the United States equals $39,876 per year according to PayScale, thus, switching to other areas eases the reduction of the hiring cost by more than half. Besides, workers hunting, onboarding, and training are conducted by a third party. 
  • Lower Equipment Cost. Office equipment, server assistance, hardware, and software necessary for the uninterrupted work of the tech crew cost significantly less in the designated country. Using outsourced technical support services allows reducing costs significantly in all IT aspects.
  • Guaranteed Quality. Hiring a tech aid crew through an intermediary provides the company with guaranteed quality. Since usually, talent providers specialize solely in providing technical support process outsourcing solutions, their quality is certainly high. 
  • Accessible Talent Market. The hiring process is often delayed in time. A designated agency assembles a squad and trains them according to the individual needs of the business. Besides, if there is a need for a multilingual crew, 24-hour assistance, or experts versed in a specific field, the agency provides any experts quickly at an affordable price.
  • Scalability. There is no fixed request number that a front desk receives. In times of standstill, there is no need for lots of workers, but the possibility of a sudden requests influx is also high, especially when adding new features or a new product. Hiring a distributor allows you to remove the head problem from your shoulders since the team expansion becomes the provider’s responsibility.

Technical Support Services Outsourcing Pros & Cons


Potential Drawbacks to Consider

Possible risks should be taken into account when hiring specialists abroad. Thus, once these pitfalls are under the radar, the firm is able to avoid them and ensure a positive experience. Here are the main things worth paying attention to:

  • Inside Knowledge Lack. The main problem of any outstaff solution is their remoteness from the internal kitchen. No matter how tech-savvy experts are, their physical distance from in-house operations is always an obstacle to a full understanding of the needs and organization values. This may negatively affect product or brand identity and quality.
  • Slower Issue Detection. The physical distance between in-house and outsourced crews is another issue to consider. The 1 tier team is usually the first to get a hunch regarding existing issues, but they struggle to forward it to the appropriate department promptly due to lack of communication channels, time zone differences, etc.
  • Privacy and Data Security Hazard. Having an outsourced technical support team makes the business more vulnerable to data security and privacy protection when it comes to staff aug services, for example. An intermediary is responsible for protecting confidential data, but in case of a data leak, the organization is to be at fault. That is why it is crucial to get guarantees from an intermediary about ensuring control and data protection.
  • Reduced Personal Approach. Many outstaffing agencies work simultaneously with several clients, which calls into question how quickly and efficiently your requests will be satisfied and how they are prioritized.

Rethinking Support: Reasons to Choose Outsourced Technical Support

Outsourced Tech Support: A Partnership in Progress

The decision to opt for outsourced tech support is akin to embarking on a partnership in progress. Outsourced companies bring their wide-ranging expertise to the fore, understanding your product, your clientele, and your business ethos. They work tirelessly to provide exceptional support services that not only solve immediate issues but also contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Outsourced Tech Support Companies: Gaining Access to Experts

Choosing to collaborate with outsourced tech support companies allows your business to gain access to a team of experts. These specialists are trained to handle diverse technical issues, equipped with the most up-to-date industry knowledge. They are adept at troubleshooting problems and providing comprehensive solutions, enhancing the customer experience and your brand’s reputation.

Tech Support Process Outsourcing: Streamlining Operations

Tech support process outsourcing is an efficient means to streamline your operations. By delegating this intricate task to specialists, you allow your in-house team to focus on their core competencies. This distribution of tasks not only enhances productivity but also promotes a smoother, more effective operation, paving the way for business growth.

Tech Support Outsourcing: Economical and Efficient

One of the most appealing aspects of tech support outsourcing is the economical efficiency it offers. Instead of bearing the substantial costs associated with training and maintaining an in-house tech support team, businesses can leverage the resources of an external provider. This model leads to significant cost savings while still ensuring customers receive top-notch assistance.

Outsource Tech Support: Around-the-Clock Assistance

When businesses choose to outsource tech support, they equip themselves with the ability to provide round-the-clock assistance. This 24/7 availability ensures customers in different time zones receive immediate support, enhancing customer satisfaction and projecting a reliable brand image.

Outsourced Customer Support: Fostering Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role in the success of any business, and this is where outsourced customer support steps in. Outsourced teams are trained to prioritize customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to resolve issues and meet customer expectations. This focus on satisfaction can lead to enhanced customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth, both integral to business growth.

Outsourced Product Support: Expertise at Your Service

Outsourced product support offers a unique blend of product knowledge and customer service expertise. These teams are trained to understand your products in-depth, enabling them to provide accurate and effective solutions. This specialized approach fosters customer trust and satisfaction, enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Outsourced 24 Hour Support: Catering to Global Customers

As businesses expand globally, the need for 24-hour support becomes paramount. Outsourced 24-hour support allows businesses to cater to customers across different time zones. This continuous support enhances customer satisfaction, projects a reliable brand image, and positions the company as a global player.

Tech Support Outsource: Scalability and Flexibility

Tech support outsource offers businesses the advantage of scalability and flexibility. As your business grows and customer needs evolve, your outsourced team can adapt and scale their services accordingly. This flexibility ensures your tech support services align with your current business needs, offering a tailored approach to customer service.

Technical Support Outsourcing Service: A Holistic Approach

Technical support outsourcing service offers a holistic approach to customer service. From addressing immediate technical issues to providing ongoing support, these services cover all aspects of technical support. This comprehensive approach ensures customers receive consistent, high-quality support, contributing to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The decision to opt for outsourced technical support can offer a multitude of benefits for businesses. From access to expert knowledge to round-the-clock service and enhanced operational efficiency, outsourcing your technical support services is a strategic move that can fuel business growth and customer satisfaction.

Summing Up: Is It Worth Hiring Outsourced Technical Support?

Type Quality Control Issues Report Cost Scalability Security
In-house Direct Immediate Pricey Low Provided by owner
Outsourced May be lacking Depends  Affordable High Higher risks
Comparison of in-house vs outsourced team

Despite possible risks related to outsourcing technical sales support, it’s still an attractive option to most businesses. The benefit of cost reduction is usually a winning argument. Besides, the increase in the interest in outsourced workforce providers created high competition on the market, so nowadays many designated agencies offer high-end technical support services and ensure minimizing any risks. 

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Check-List to Evaluate Technical Support Outsourcing Companies 

As mentioned, to avoid potential risks when working with teams remotely, it’s a top priority to make sure you’re partnering with an agency you can rely on. Before signing an offshore bpo provider, use this simple checklist to sift out unreliable intermediaries.

  • Previous Clients’ Profiles. Checking previous partners allows evaluating the agencies’ experience, readiness to provide you with the appropriate level of service, and recognition on the market.
  • Positive Feedback. Look for reviews from clients on a potential partner on non-biased resources. Check honest opinions and get an objective picture of possible cons and pros.
  • Featured in Top Lists. If an agency is recognized by professional communities, it’s a verified and safe place to start with. However, if you google “designated agencies ratings”, you get endless top compilations by different agencies and magazines at different times, so make sure to review credible sources.
  • Transparency. A decent agency offers you a clear action plan, decent equipment, and abilities to scale up and down.
  • Individual Approach. A good provider also stands out by feedback speed and willingness to negotiate. You should receive professional advice on organizing work and a personalized approach to reporting, analytics, and performance assessment.

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