What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Consultant?

To let any company grow, it should have a defined marketing strategy and a team of talents, who can implement it. Unfortunately, without marketing being in place in the team, any product/service can remain undiscovered, as competition on the market is only getting higher and higher.

Many businesses try to do all their marketing tasks themselves. However, they soon realize that effective marketing takes time and often costs a lot of money. As a result, many businesses today turn to outsourcing a qualified marketing consultant. This expert can boost marketing campaigns and result in significant long-term success.

What To Know Before You Hire Marketing Consultant Experts

Below are some of the most crucial facts to consider when you hire marketing consultant candidates. 

  • You must establish your needs and goals 

Before looking to hire marketing consultants, it’s essential to identify your unique marketing goals to ensure you find a candidate that matches your requirements. 

  • Check their track record 

Before you contact a marketing consultant or agency, make sure you research them. Professionals will usually have a proven track record with contactable references that vouch for their previous work. 

  • You need some internal expertise

To understand marketing efforts and the results offered by marketing consultants, it’s important to know how marketing works. Therefore, it’s essential to have someone on your long-term or in-house team who has some marketing experience. 

  • Understand that marketing consultants are not magicians 

Although some consultants come very close to performing magic, they can only do what is possible with the tools they have. You still need a good product or service for them to promote and the consultant will need an effective platform or idea of what you want to do. 

  • You need time and patience 

It’s important to remember that results take time, no matter the marketing efforts you put in even when outsourcing email marketing services. For example, getting a new lead can take up to eight contact points with a new prospect. This means that your email marketing services campaign will need to be in place for a while before you can expect to see growing conversion rates.

Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Consultant

There are many advantages to hiring a marketing or conversion rate optimization consultant when it comes to marketing. And some of the reasons to hire a marketing consultant may sound the exact opposite of what people normally assume. Let’s take a look at the question: why hire a digital marketing consultant?

  • Saving valuable time

When you hire a marketing consultant, many of your marketing strategy tasks are taken care of, so you can focus on other important tasks. This, ultimately, saves you time. 

  • Delivering results

When you hire digital marketing consultant experts, their success depends on delivering results. This will force them to give their best and ensure you get what you need to achieve success. Their track record is everything to them and success for you, means success for you. This is a win-win relationship and usually motivates people to perform at their best.

  • Expertise and freedom

Investing in a marketing consultant for hire means you get to tap into their expertise when you need it. They usually have years of expertise in the industry and keep their finger on the pulse of what works and what does not. A consultant will also give you the freedom to dedicate your time and energy towards what really matters, your business, while they come up with strategies and brainstorm different ideas for your specific needs.

  • New and fresh ideas

As mentioned above, consultants are specialists in the field and keep up with what works and what is trending in the marketing world. Because they are independent and not involved in your day-to-day operations, they can come up with fresh ideas and a creative way of thinking. While they will keep to your guidelines, new and fresh thinking is useful when it comes to marketing strategies and ideas. 

What Should I Note When Hiring a Marketing Specialist?

When you hire Google Ads expert candidates or other marketing professionals, you would usually check their CV and contact references to validate what they claim to have achieved in terms of work history. The same goes for when hiring a marketing consultant. 

If you are looking for the answer how to hire a marketing consultant, we’ve prepared the checklist below, which you may use for candidate screening:

Description Explanation
1. Experience Check what projects they have taken on before and how successful they were.
2. Expertise It is important that the consultant’s expertise lays within your industry or is relevant to your product or services at least.
3. Their website and social media If their website does not work well, chances are that they will not make yours look good.
4. Fresh and happening Their completed projects should be modern and with the times.
5. Testimonials from previous clients Their previous clients should be contactable and give great feedback.
6. Communication They should be good communicators to coordinate other departments and not take too long to get back to you with the budget, etc.

The Skills & Responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant

To really make sure you hire freelance marketing consultant candidates suitable for your business, it is important to know exactly what skills they should possess and what their role will be. Below is a short breakdown of each of these to get you thinking.

  • Skills

A marketing consultant hire should be a creative person with the ability to come up with fresh and original ideas. Communication is vital in this role and should not ever be an issue. What’s more, a great marketing consultant will be excellent at any form of content management and also experienced in social media, as this is where most marketing happens these days. Lastly, they should have attention to detail and have the ability to problem-solve under stressful conditions. 

  • Role and responsibilities

When you hire a freelance marketing consultant, you should be expecting the person to be responsible for doing research on your business and identifying the best channels of marketing for your specific needs. Marketing consultants will then work on a plan or strategy which they see working and present this to you or your management team for approval. They will consult your team on the targets and objectives you should be working towards and give them the tools and inspiration they need to achieve the different set goals.  

The Cost of Hiring a Marketing Consultant 

Hiring a marketing consultant is a valuable investment for any business, but it’s important to consider how much to hire a marketing consultant. Marketing consultants typically charge hourly, project-based or monthly fees, which can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. If you’re wondering how much does it cost to hire a marketing consultant, let’s look at a few examples to identify the cost to hire a marketing consultant: 

Hourly rates 

  Junior Mid-level Senior
USA $24 $41 $68
UK $15 $32 $61
Germany  $20 $38 $51
Netherlands $22 $40 $68
Ukraine $4 $8 $14

Monthly rates

  Junior Mid-level Senior
USA $3383 $5677 $8129
UK $2766 $4735 $7297
Germany  $2869 $4941 $7157
Netherlands $3005 $5064 $7670
Ukraine $728 $1204 $1722

The Two Service Models of Mobilunity-BPO.com 

At mobilunity-BPO.com, we cater to the wide range of needs from our clients. As a result, we offer two effective hiring models to find a freelance marketing consultant for hire. These include: 

  • Hiring part-time specialists

If your business only needs a part-time marketing consultant for short-term work or smaller projects, we can determine set hours and pricing beforehand and supply you with the services of a part-time marketing consultant. 

  • Full-time specialists

We can also offer the option to hire a digital marketing consultant on a full-time basis. They are dedicated to your projects for an agreed price and timeline. This option is ideal for long-term and bigger projects. 

Mobilunity-BPO.com: a Leader in Providing Marketing Consultants

At Mobilunity-BPO.com, we pride ourselves in our proven track record of more than 10 years in the industry of supplying companies with professionals. We recruit the best candidates at the lowest cost possible and it shows in the success we have achieved across the many industries we partner with.

We have established successful partnerships with businesses in a variety of industries around the world, including data management, communications, hospitality, and more, thanks to our extensive advantages and proven track record.

Our outsourcing and hiring process is straightforward and highly effective, which is why businesses choose our services. We take great care to identify the specific requirements of our clients, hand-pick the best candidates, make the onboarding process easier, and guarantee the project’s ongoing success.

Want to hire marketing consultant candidates for your next project? Mobilunity-BPO.com can assist. We will help you find the most suitable candidates fast and efficiently.