What Does an Email Marketing Specialist Actually Do?

It is impossible to underestimate the essential role of marketing for business success. By the year 2026, the global digital marketing and advertising market are expected to reach $786 billion in worth. Email marketing is just one of the strategies in this field, yet it can be incredibly powerful. In this guide, you’ll learn what email marketing specialists do, what such services bring to the table, and how to find a suitable professional.

Email Marketing Management Services

Email marketing is a way to directly reach out to your audience through emails. An email marketing specialist is a professional who designs, develops, and executes such campaigns. Some might think that it is a bit outdated channel, but it is quite the opposite.

According to small business owners, it brings the highest ROI of all other strategies. The recent Hubspot report shows that 37% of companies are increasing their budget for email marketing. The same source states that 77% of marketing professionals have spotted increased email engagement in the last year.

It is expected that this year, email marketing revenue is going to reach $11 billion worldwide. An email marketing campaign management allows a business to achieve several goals, namely:

  • Nurturing leads and turning one-time customers into loyal regular clients. It is one of the most effective methods of lead gen bpo out there;
  • Effectively reaching your audience. Email is the number one communication channel for people. About 99% of people check their inboxes every day;
  • Directly working with your audience. You can target people that are already interested in your services and thus more inclined to buy them again. Compared to a paid advertising campaign, it is more efficient. Because you communicate with people from your list, who already have some trust in the brand. On the contrary, people who see such an ad online are more prone to disregard it.
  • Getting a great conversion rate optimization and ROI.

Email marketing business workflow management offers the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of this method while working with experts. In such a case, you delegate this process to experts that know exactly what to do.

Email marketing is a great tool for more personalized offers to your customers and the segmentation of different groups. When done right it creates trustful relationships between a brand and a client. And it boosts sales and conversions as it is more targeted, personalized, and direct.

Advantages of Outsourcing Email Marketing Management Services

Outsourcing is a great way to access top-notch services at a reasonable price. Overall, it offers a multitude of benefits for a business, such as:

  • You get to save your budget. Email marketing specialist salaries depend not only on their level of expertise but also on their geographical location. Due to different economic states, the rates of professionals in other countries are significantly lower. Also, you get to save money on recruiting, onboarding, and employee-related disbursements;
  • You can stay on top of the trends as you get to work with excellent specialists. There are a lot of things that go into a successful email marketing campaign you might not know about. This could be new updates like Apple allowing users to stop data tracking or Google changing their cookies policies. Experts from entertainment cro agency know all the trends, tools, and changes because it is their job;
  • You get to focus on the core of your business without drawing resources to email marketing as it is all done by a designated marketing cloud email specialist;
  • You can increase ROI and conversions;
  • You can build strong and long-lasting relationships with customers;
  • Your business can accelerate the processes, improve response rates, and deliver better content and offers for customers.

Outsourcing helps solve a lot of problems such as lack of budget, lack of available talent locally, or lack of in-house expertise. A company can find a suitable Salesforce marketing cloud email specialist remotely and uncover new opportunities with an objective outside perspective.

Skills and Responsibilities of an Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing professionals are responsible for the creation, execution, and management of marketing campaigns as a part of the overall strategy.

The usual duties of such a professional include:

  • Optimization of existing campaigns with CTA sentences, better content, and faster delivery;
  • Designing, drafting, and developing new campaigns that align with the business’s marketing strategy;
  • Working on the design and layout of emails (to make them mobile-friendly to perform greatly on various screens);
  • Management of email list of customers;
  • Segmentation of the list according to various groups and more individualized campaigns;
  • Creation and automation of workflows;
  • Creation of content for emails and proofreading the copy;
  • Testing various methods and adjusting to the most effective ones;
  • Preparation of reports (ROI, sales, conversions, etc) and collection of insights from the audience.

A professional in this field needs a wide range of skills and competencies, such as:

  • Proficiency in Marketing (Often means a degree in Marketing, Communications, or Advertising);
  • Extensive experience in successful email campaigns;
  • Knowledge of database management principles;
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and Ampscript;
  • Knowledge of audience segmentation principles and performance marketing;
  • Expertise in relevant software for analytics, pertinent automation, and performance measurements;
  • Great written and oral communication;
  • Proficiency in copywriting and editing;
  • Project and time management;
  • Strategic planning and analytical thinking.

Email Marketing Specialist Salary

As mentioned before, the salary rates for specialists depend on the country of residence. Whether you are looking for outsource live chat operators or email marketing management experts, outsourcing is the most cost-efficient option.

Here is a comparison table of monthly salaries of email marketing specialists in 5 countries based on their level of expertise.

  Junior Middle Senior
USA $4,256 $5,176 $6,820
Germany $3,110 $5,543 $7,048
UK $2,945 $3,454 $4,572
Netherlands $3,062 $4,242 $5,220
Ukraine $593 $808 $1011

As you can see, outsourcing email marketing services to Ukraine is much more cost-effective than finding professionals of the same level of expertise in the US, the UK, or the EU.

Mobilunity-BPO – Your Email Marketing Partner

If you are looking for expert email marketing management services, you’ve come to the right place. Mobilunity-BPO has 10+ years of experience in this field. We are ready to help your business grow and achieve new goals.

We’ve been working with businesses all over the world in many industries from IT to Arts & Entertainment. As soon as you tell us about your specific requirements, our team will reach out and we begin the project. Mobilunity-BPO is going to find the best candidates for your needs when it comes to email marketing.

Our Collaboration Models:

Part-time specialists. It is a flexible cooperation where you get access to expertise when you need it. An experienced professional is going to work for you part-time, which is suitable for smaller projects and budgets;

Full-time specialists. In this model, email marketing professionals become an extension of your in-house team. You are in full control of the workflow as they are working only for your company. This is a perfect option for bigger projects and businesses that want constant assistance.

Looking for an excellent email marketing specialist for your company? Contact our team today!