Benefits and Types of Data Tagging Services

To start with, let’s clarify what data tagging actually is. It is a process of emphasizing appropriate parts of data (it may be text, video, image) to classify it and make its usage more comfortable. Thus all content is tagged and each product is connected with some category according to its characteristics. It makes this massive amount of data understandable for searching engines and customers as well. So, as a result, your data becomes plain, well categorized and filters and search functions are optimized.

Data Tagging vs Data Labeling vs Data Annotation

But you may be a little bit embarrassed with all these definitions as data tagging, data labeling and data annotation. Probably you wonder what the difference is. But the answer is that it is actually the same. All these notions are used to describe the process of categorization of the data that obviously can be named as its tagging, labeling or annotation. These words just describe the specifics of the process when the specialist finds main characteristics and note them. So we can treat these definitions as synonyms. 

Why You May Need Data Tagging Services

As a business owner you may face a problem of managing great quantities of data. And here data tagging comes in handy. You may need to categorize products on your website or tag data to make it readable to artificial intelligence. The most common example is articles in which tags or keywords are important as it helps searching engines to offer an article we are looking for based on our request. But text labeling is not the only decision data labeling suggests. As data tagging is used in plenty of fields and for different types of data it is likely that you may need it. Thus for your company it may be useful image tagging and annotation services to make an image database and have it structured so it is easy to find necessary images in two clicks. Or you may benefit from video tagging so that it will be easy to find your video according to keywords.

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So, the main idea is that it does not matter which business and data you have, you may need outsourcing text annotation services anyway as it is a necessity dictated by the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. That is why you need plenty of data and need to classify it somehow.

Here is a list of real life examples when data tagging is used for better understanding of its importance.

  1. Online shops. Every time you are addressing online shopping you use a search line to describe a product you are looking for. And then an engine according to previously settled tags makes suggestions for you. What is more, after that you may experience a targeting advertisement that is based on products you may like according to products you have looked at previously. All that is possible due to tagged data. Here you may appeal to image tagging.
  2. Bots. When you are using bots for feedback or seeking help you are also experiencing data labeling. Thus bots are programmed to find keywords to understand the purpose of your message and then choose an appropriate answer. There may even be labeled words for a bot to know emotions you express. It is super important as machines cannot think as people so they need a program to be nearer to the way we think.
  3. Music platforms. For sure sometimes you are listening to music and have a favorite genre. To find out more you may like it is convenient to use playlists made by the platform according to the genre of the song. It is also a result of data tagging services.
  4. YouTube. It is probably the most popular video platform and its algorithms are also based on data tagging. Maybe you even have mentioned tags above the videos. it is made for the better promotion of the video. So it uses tag video to optimize working of the platform.
  5. Pinterest. It is a platform with images where it is easy to find some image just by inputting a few words. It is also a result of image tagging services as its algorithms tag images and then compare your request with these tags. 
  6. Medical screenings. Health is a very important part of our life and due to artificial intelligence and data tagging in particular it is much easier to cover any existing problems. Thus, machines can analyze medical screenings and explore any possible problems. Mainly it is possible due to tagging images.

Likely these examples may help you to understand specifics of data labeling and make an idea of fields where it can be used and how it can be useful for your business. But the main point necessary to mention is that it can be used in nearly any field because of the wide range of data annotation types.

Types of Data Tagging Services

So let’s take a precise look at types of data labeling services.

  1. Text annotation. The most common type of data annotation is text annotation. It is used when you are working with texts, especially with large databases and files. What is more, you can even tag handwritten and old texts due to it. So when you need to classify text data text annotation services will help you a lot.
  2. Image tagging annotation. Next type is image tagging and annotation services, which are used when it is necessary to tag and arrange images. Image tagger can find main points at the image and thus find a suitable class to it. So if you need a tag image appeal to this type of data tagging using the help of the best image annotation company.
  3. Speech recognition. It is a type of data labeling that can recognize human speech and highlight keywords in it. It is used when you are speaking with virtual assistants like Alica or use voice input in Google.
  4. Video annotation. This type is used when working with videos. The specifics is that video tagger converts a video into a range of images, annotates them and then rebuilds it into a video. This way, video annotation services help engines understand what this video is about. 
  5. 3D point cloud annotation. This type is the most difficult and interesting. Its task is to collect data points from real life models in three dimensions. It may help to define the movement of objects in videos through making cuboids around them. 

As you can see, there are a lot of different types of data annotation that can be used for different purposes and plenty of fields. The best is that they can be collaborated that leads to better results.

All Types of Data Annotations Covered

And for those seeking a deeper dive into the intricacies of data annotation and its segmentation within AI, this video segment offers a concise summary. It delves into the categories and niches of AI and Data Annotation, complementing the diverse range of data tagging services discussed above.


Benefits of Outsourcing Data Tagging

If now you are thinking that it is actually what you need it may be helpful to find out more about outsourcing these services to data tagging companies. So let’s talk about the benefits you may have if you do this.

  • The main purpose of data annotation is to make data easily found and make customers’ experience more pleasurable. Thus due to it you may have a clear classification and satisfied clients. It can increase the whole efficiency of your business.
  • Data labeling also makes for a higher speed of interacting within your website so that it will be more pleasant to visitors. Less customers that leave your website leads to more profit you have.
  • Also when collaborating with a data tagging company you may receive a constant management of the process. Specialists will be checking and evaluating the results and ready to fix or change it if necessary. So you do not need to worry about it as specialists will keep in touch with you and be responsible for the results.
  • One more benefit is checking feedback from clients. It is an important part of any business as it shows possible problems or drawbacks of the system. And specialists will do it to lead your business to its best. Moreover, due to data labeling it can be easily divided into groups that you may have a statistics of the whole customers’ sentiment about your products and its representation. 
  • Accurate and consistent classification will make interacting with your business more comfortable and some problems more visible.
  • Due to data tagging your website will be highly ranked with search engines as it is already classificated. It leads to an increasing number of visitors and potential customers so that you may have more profit from it. 

To summarize all mentioned above take a look to the list of benefits you may receive when outsourcing data tagging:

  • better findability of products within your website and your website by search engines
  • higher speed of your website
  • increasing efficiency and profit
  • satisfied customers
  • ability to track sentiment and feedback
  • dynamic system
  • surely high quality of the results

So outsourcing data tagging services is the best decision as it guarantees high quality and long-lasting effect. Thus you may address it if you have a desire to increase the efficiency of your business.

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How to Choose a Data Tagging Provider

Most likely now you have already imagined how data tagging services may be useful for you. But choosing a company you may trust is always a difficult task. So here are some tips that may help you find your best specialist.

First of all, when thinking about outsourcing data labeling, decide which type will be the most beneficial to your business. It also depends a lot on the field you work. Thus, you may need image tagging service or video tagging services. In such a situation it will be powerful for you to collaborate with image tagging company or video tagging company itself as it is their specialization and they will do this work perfectly.

But the point is that most likely you may need to combine types of data annotation. In such a way it will be more productive to collaborate with a company that provides all types of data tagging.

  • So the first step is to decide which type of data annotation you want to outsource and find a company with necessary specialization.
  • The second step is to check if this company has experience in working with your field (medicine, agriculture, e-commerce etc.) It is important as every field requires special skills so if a company has no experience in your field it is difficult to predict the results.
  • The third step is to learn more about how this company works. Check tools they use and the order they work. Also find out more about what they are promising you may have as a result and make sure that it is actually the same you are expecting. Also check services they suggest to know if you can expect long-lasting management from them.
  • And last but not least, the fourth step is to check reviews of those who have already worked with this company to learn more about it. For sure it is one of the most important steps when looking for a service.

So, to sum up, here is the main steps you may do to choose a provider:

  1. Determine which type or types of data labeling services you are looking for (maybe you need a video tagging vendor or image tagging vendor or both)
  2. Make sure that this company is working in your field
  3. Find out more about this company and way they work
  4. Read reviews
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Data Annotation Services Offered by Mobilunity-BPO

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