Research Software Provider Case Study

Unlocking Insights: Video Heatmap Annotation Services for a UAE Research Center

Client’s Background 

Our client is an innovative research software leader from United Arab Emirates. Company is on a journey to revolutionize the future of technology. They specialize in heatmap data annotation, creation of datasets for machine learning and data collection.

Client’s Problem

A UAE-based research software company needed heatmap annotation services for video frames to advance their computer vision research. They aimed to secure top-tier annotations through a managed service solution.


Project Challenge

The main project hurdle revolved around maintaining annotation coherence as multiple annotators worked simultaneously on the same dataset. Consistency in identification (IDs) was paramount to prevent annotation discrepancies.

Our solutions

Qualified and Tailored Services from Mobilunity-BPO

In response to the client’s requirements and to effectively surmount the challenges at hand, we executed a comprehensive solution. Drawing upon our proficiency in data annotation, we meticulously assembled a team of seasoned annotators. We then customized our annotation platform to precisely align with the client’s unique specifications and implemented stringent quality assurance procedures. This all-encompassing strategy empowered us to consistently furnish annotations of superior quality that not only fulfilled but also surpassed the client’s expectations.

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Project Configuration in CVAT

We configured the project within the Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT), customizing it to align with the client's specific requirements.

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Experienced Annotation Specialists

We conducted a thorough evaluation of annotators with established expertise in bounding box annotation to ensure the highest quality outcomes.

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Annotator Team Formation

A proficient team of three skilled annotators was organized to simultaneously collaborate on the project, optimizing both efficiency and throughput.

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Internal Guidelines

We developed in-house documentation to provide clear directives to annotators, emphasizing the critical role of maintaining consistent IDs throughout the project. These guidelines standardized annotations and reduced discrepancies.

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Quality Assurance (QA) Integration

We promoted one of our top annotators to the position of QA. This QA annotator diligently reviewed all video frames, offering meticulous feedback to guarantee accuracy and uniformity.

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Weekly Progress Updates

We implemented a reporting system that regularly updated the client on the project's advancement. These reports also included a breakdown of time spent, enabling the client to monitor resource allocation effectively.

Our endeavors led to the accomplished delivery of the project, yielding the following results:



A total of 17,890 frames were meticulously annotated across six datasets



The project’s execution spanned 293 hours, closely aligning with the initial estimate of 300 hours conveyed to the client.

Annotations remained consistent and maintained uniform IDs throughout all frames, ensuring that the client's computer vision project received the highest quality data.

Project results

Meeting Objectives and Ensuring Quality

By effectively tending to the client’s requisites, surmounting challenges, and orchestrating a well-structured annotation service, we empowered our research software client in the UAE to confidently progress their computer vision research with the assurance of a top-notch annotated dataset.

Few Words from Our Client


Our partnership with Mobilunity-BPO has not only met our expectations but exceeded them. The precise annotations, seamless teamwork, and adherence to our unique requirements have accelerated our computer vision research. Mobilunity-BPO’s commitment to quality and their holistic approach make them a standout collaborator in our journey towards unlocking valuable insights

AI Research Engineer / Client's Company (under NDA)

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