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Precision Bounding Box Annotation

Cooperation Start

The client of Mobilunity-BPO is a leading Finnish telecom software company. Tasked with providing image annotation services for people with bounding boxes, our mission was clear: deliver high-quality annotations despite a low monthly load. The primary project hurdle? Ensuring seamless consistency as multiple annotators worked simultaneously on the same dataset, with a critical focus on maintaining uniform identification (IDs) to prevent any discrepancies in annotations.


Client’s Problem

A Finnish telecom software company needed image annotation services to label people with bounding boxes. Seeking a reliable solution for high-quality annotations despite a low monthly load.


Project Challenge

The main challenge in this project was to ensure consistent annotations as multiple annotators worked simultaneously on the same dataset. Maintaining uniform identification (IDs) was crucial to prevent discrepancies in annotations.

Navigating Challenges:

A Comprehensive Solution Journey in Image Annotation

In addressing the distinctive challenges of our project, we implemented a comprehensive range of solutions, emphasizing efficiency, expertise, and exceptional quality at every stage:

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CVAT Configuration

We initiated the project by setting up the Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT), ensuring an efficient platform for image annotation.

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Annotator Vetting

Annotators with proven expertise in bounding box annotation were carefully vetted to ensure proficiency.

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Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist

To uphold the highest annotation quality with a small team, a QA specialist was added to review and verify annotations for accuracy.

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Dedicated Part-Time Annotator

Considering the low monthly annotation load, we assigned a dedicated part-time annotator to ensure consistency in annotation quality.

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Test Task Success

We successfully completed a test task involving 100 images within 48 hours, earning positive client feedback. This achievement led to our shortlisting as one of the top three vendors, recognized for our quality-to-price ratio.

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Efficient Turnaround

We launched an ongoing project for monthly labeling of 2-3k video frames, impressively completing each batch within a 36-hour timeframe upon file receipt.

Key milestones and outcomes from this collaboration encompass:

Project summary:

Achieving Top-Tier Image Annotation

Our dedication to achieving excellence and efficiency in image annotation, coupled with our commitment to overcoming project challenges, delivered outstanding outcomes. Despite a relatively modest monthly annotation load, we accomplished:

Few Words from Our Client


Our collaboration with Mobilunity-BPO has been transformative. The precision in bounding box annotation for our video frames has significantly elevated the quality of our projects. Their efficiency, expertise, and exceptional solutions have not only met but exceeded our expectations, proving that even in complex projects, they are the go-to team for top-tier image annotation.

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Effective Team Formation

We assembled a team of 4 part-time annotators based on the client's preferences. This collaborative team structure allowed for the efficient handling of the project's workload.