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Cooperation Start

The Client of ours is a USA-based company specializing in healthcare software. They work with hospitals and medical organizations and use in their applications audio transcript annotation. To avoid diverting the valuable time of in-house engineers, the company chose to outsource this business process. 


Client’s Problem

Our partnership with a prominent US healthcare software company revolved around audio transcript annotation, a vital aspect of their hospital and healthcare applications. The client required a structured approach to obtain an accurate quotation for this project, which posed specific challenges.


Project Challenge

The main challenge was to find a highly skilled annotator proficient in text annotation with strong English proficiency. This annotator had to ensure precise and fluent audio transcripts. Additionally, they needed to be adaptable to take on various tasks beyond annotation.

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Efficiency Guarantees

In order to meet the client’s requirements and effectively tackle the challenges at hand, we adopted a thorough and all-encompassing approach. Leveraging our proficiency in data annotation, we meticulously handpicked a team of seasoned annotators. Furthermore, we customized our annotation platform to precisely align with the client’s unique prerequisites and instituted stringent quality assurance procedures. This comprehensive strategy empowered us to consistently provide annotations of superior quality that not only fulfilled but also surpassed the client’s expectations.


Initial Annotator Selection

We commenced by pre-selecting six annotators with prior expertise in text annotation who met the English language proficiency requirement.


Full-Time Annotator Recruitment

Following the client's ultimate selection, we recruited a full-time annotator who fulfilled all requisite criteria.


Client Interaction

Interviews were orchestrated between the client and all shortlisted candidates. This afforded the client the opportunity to directly evaluate the candidates and make well-informed decisions.


Time Management and Reporting

The implementation of a time-tracking system and the establishment of a weekly reporting framework were overseen by the Service Lead.


Onboarding Facilitation

We extended substantial support during the annotator's onboarding phase, addressing any HR-related queries and ensuring a seamless transition into the project.


Annotator Progression

Over the span of a year, our dedicated data annotator not only excelled in their role as a text annotator but also assumed the responsibilities of a Junior Quality Assurance (QA) specialist. This progression notably broadened their scope of tasks beyond annotation duties.


Comprehensive HR Evaluations

To ensure a harmonious alignment between project prerequisites and annotators' proficiencies, we conducted in-depth HR discussions with each shortlisted annotator. These dialogues served to verify a robust compatibility between the annotator and the project.

Key milestones and outcomes from this collaboration encompass:

Project summary

High-Quality Annotation for Healthcare Software 

Our solution empowered the client to secure top-tier audio transcript annotations for their healthcare software. 


This case study serves as a prime illustration of how our approach was meticulously tailored to cater to the client’s distinctive prerequisites, fostering sustained value within the realm of healthcare software annotation.

Few Words About Cooperation with Us


We strongly believe that the ability to match the right talent with the specific client requirements is one of our key strengths. We always try to understand the business needs of every client and immerse ourselves in the problem, so our suggested solutions are always custom and tailored to each and every client – even when they prefer speaking business in their native language.

Kateryna Boiko,
Data Labeling Unit Director

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