German Tech and Informational Services Company Case Study

Labeling Survey Responses in the German Technology Sector

Cooperation Start

German technology, information, and internet company turned to Mobilunity-BPO with the very specific challenge. The client sought data annotation services to precisely categorize survey responses in German, aiming for efficient labeling in Excel format to extract valuable insights. The primary project obstacle involved identifying skilled German-speaking annotators capable of recognizing suboptimal labels and suggesting improvements. 


Client’s Problem

A German-based technology, information, and internet company sought data annotation services to accurately categorize survey responses in German. Their objective was to efficiently label survey data in Excel format for extracting valuable insights.


Project Challenge

The main hurdle was locating German-speaking annotators with the acumen to identify suboptimal labels and propose enhancements. Ensuring the precision and quality of text annotation, along with offering constructive feedback, was of utmost importance.

Strategic Solutions:

Elevating Precision and Quality

Effectively addressing project challenges, we formulated a strategic approach focused on precision, optimization, and continual quality enhancement. Below, we outline key solutions pivotal to our success:


Annotator Selection

Meticulously selecting annotators with expertise in text categorization and a strong command of the German language ensured alignment with project requirements.

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Test Task Evaluation

Assigning an identical test task, featuring 100 survey responses, to three annotators facilitated the evaluation of their speed and annotation quality.

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Label Optimization

Through a meticulous comparison of annotators' responses with correct labels, we identified areas for label improvement. Proactively advising the client on changes enhanced overall project quality.

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Ongoing Project

Following a successful test task, the project continued with the assignment to the highest-performing German-speaking annotator, ensuring sustained high-quality work due to the manageable workload.


Proactive Label Analysis

Implementing a process of ongoing label analysis allowed us to recommend changes for continual improvement in project quality over time.

Key milestones and outcomes from this collaboration encompass:

Achieving Excellence in German Survey Annotation:

Project Outcome

Our strategic approach, coupled with an unwavering commitment to precision and quality, led to a series of remarkable achievements. Throughout the project, we consistently delivered outstanding outcomes, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness. Here are the key results that highlight our success:

Few Words About Cooperation with Us


Partnering with a leading German technology company, Mobilunity-BPO successfully addressed the challenge of categorizing survey responses with precision.Our commitment to excellence goes beyond project completion – it’s about fostering a collaborative spirit. By navigating challenges together, we not only ensured precise survey response categorization but also implemented dynamic solutions that contributed to the client’s ongoing success. At Mobilunity-BPO, we take pride in not just meeting but exceeding expectations, making each collaboration a testament to our dedication to quality and enduring partnerships.

Kateryna Boiko,
Data Labeling Unit Director

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