UK Educational Institution Case Study

Empowering an Educational Institution in the UK with Precise Data Annotation Solutions

Client’s Background

The client is a distinguished educational institution based in the United Kingdom with a strong commitment to sustainability and research in this domain. Their focus is on reading and analyzing corporate sustainability reports, extracting relevant initiatives, and categorizing them according to a proprietary methodology. Mobilunity-BPO was engaged to provide a customized solution for their specific needs.


Client’s Problem

The client of Mobilunity-BPO, an educational institution based in the UK, sought data annotators with a strong interest in sustainable development and business. The project involved reading content from annual corporate sustainability reports, extracting information about sustainability initiatives, and categorizing them using an internal methodology. With a monthly volume of around 1 million words, the project necessitated the participation of four part-time annotators.


Project Challenge

The main challenge in this project stemmed from the ambiguity of the test task, which could lead to varying interpretations of the text. As a result, only 16% of the initially selected candidates met the criteria, resulting in a relatively low success rate for tasks of this nature. Nonetheless, our extensive pool of pre-screened annotators enabled us to adjust and provide the required number of specialists with the necessary skills.

Mobilunity-BPO solutions

Comprehensive Strategy

To address the unique demands of our client’s project, we developed a comprehensive strategy that placed a strong emphasis on precision, expertise, and alignment with the client’s sustainability objectives. Here’s how we ensured the project’s success:


Precise Annotator Selection

Our process began with a thorough pre-selection of 50 annotators, all of whom had a solid background in text annotation and an upper-intermediate level of English proficiency. This step was instrumental in ensuring our team possessed the necessary skills for the project.

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Test Task Evaluation

Each annotator received a test task detailed by the client, and based on their performance, we shortlisted eight final candidates. However, given the task's inherent ambiguity, we recognized the need for a new approach.

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Client Collaboration for Task Refinement

To address the challenge of ambiguous test tasks, we collaborated closely with the client. Together, we refined the test task, providing clearer instructions and better-defined criteria for evaluation.

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Motivation Alignment

We conducted in-depth HR discussions with each shortlisted annotator to ensure their motivation aligned with the client's long-term vision. This step was crucial in nurturing a dedicated and passionate team.

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Interview Selection​

We promoted one of our top annotators to the role of Quality Assurance (QA). The QA annotator conducted meticulous reviews of all video frames, offering detailed feedback to ensure accuracy and consistency.

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Effective Team Formation

We assembled a team of 4 part-time annotators based on the client's preferences. This collaborative team structure allowed for the efficient handling of the project's workload.

Key milestones and outcomes from this collaboration encompass:

Project outcome

Revolutionizing sustainability research

Our methodical approach generated remarkable results, significantly enhancing and validating the client’s sustainability research dataset. The following concrete achievements highlight our collective efforts:

Few Words from Our Client


Mobilunity-BPO’s approach to addressing the ambiguities of our project, along with their precision in forming a proficient annotator team, ensured the success of this complex sustainability research task.

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