Biotechnology Research in South Korea Case Study

Annotation of Drug Patent Images for Biotechnology Research in South Korea

Cooperation Start

Mobilunity-BPO client is a leading South Korean biotechnology research organization partnered with Mobilunity-BPO for accurate drug patent image annotation, requiring specialized Chemistry knowledge. We addressed our client’s challenges through tailored solutions like CVAT implementation, selective annotator recruitment, streamlined test tasks, a cross-checking mechanism, and efficient project completion. The client praised Mobilunity-BPO’s commitment, highlighting successful outcomes such as precise annotations, accurate identification of reactions, and timely project execution.


Client’s Problem

A biotechnology research organization in South Korea needed accurate annotation of drug patent images for scientific analysis. The task involved creating precise bounding boxes around specific elements within the images, requiring specialized knowledge in Chemistry.


Project Challenge

The main difficulty involved identifying annotators with a profound understanding of Chemistry capable of accurately distinguishing reactions from atomic structures in the images, ensuring the quality and reliability of the data.

Navigating Challenges with Precision:

Key Solutions Unveiled

Addressing the unique challenges of our project, we devised a meticulously crafted set of solutions aimed at achieving precision, efficiency, and excellence. These solutions served as the foundation of our approach, ensuring the successful fulfillment of our client’s objectives. Here, we explore the key strategies that underscored our success.

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CVAT Implementation

Our project kickstarted with the configuration of the Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT), tailoring a platform specifically for image annotation.

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Selective Annotator Recruitment

In response to the client’s specific needs, we conducted thorough vetting of annotators with a Chemistry background. We formed a team of four annotators, each possessing the necessary expertise.

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Streamlined Test Task

A test task involving 10 sample images was efficiently completed within 24 hours, garnering positive feedback from the client. This swift turnaround showcased our ability to meet their requirements promptly.


Cross-Checking Mechanism

For heightened accuracy and reliability, we introduced a cross-checking process among annotators. This involved a thorough review and verification of each other’s annotations to maintain consistency.

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Prompt Project Completion

Utilizing the expertise of our annotators and the cross-checking process, we successfully concluded the entire project, encompassing the annotation of 20,000 PDF files of varying quality, within a mere two weeks.

Expertise and Efficiency:

Achieving Success in Drug Patent Image Annotation

Our dedication to accuracy, specialized knowledge, and rigorous quality assurance resulted in noteworthy accomplishments for this project. These achievements showcase our ability to provide outstanding value to the client while fulfilling their essential goals. Here are the key outcomes that emphasize our success:

Few Words About Cooperation with Us


I’m proud of the Mobilunity-BPO team’s unwavering commitment to overcoming unique challenges in our South Korean biotechnology research project. Our tailored solutions, from implementing CVAT to our meticulous annotator recruitment, showcase our dedication to precision and efficiency. The successful project completion within a tight timeline reflects our team’s expertise and ability to navigate complexities effectively.

Kateryna Boiko,
Data Labeling Unit Director

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