Canadian Automation Machinery Manufacturing Case Study

Annotating Product Defects for Canadian Automation Machinery Manufacturing

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The client of Mobilunity-BPO is a leading automation machinery manufacturing company based in Canada. Company faced a crucial challenge in accurately annotating product defects within a substantial dataset. Seeking a solution involving bounding box annotation, they opted for the Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT) and required a managed service to ensure the precision and efficiency of the annotation process. The primary project challenge revolved around the client’s expectation of weekly updates on 50,000 annotated images every Friday, necessitating a delicate balance between meeting deadlines and maintaining high-quality standards.


Client’s Problem

A prominent automation machinery manufacturing company in Canada needed accurate annotation of product defects for a substantial dataset. They were in search of a solution involving bounding box annotation and chose the Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT) for the job. The client sought a managed service to guarantee the precision and efficiency of the annotation process.


Project Challenge

The main challenge involved ensuring annotators adhered strictly to the schedule, with the client expecting weekly updates on 50,000 annotated images every Friday. Meeting this deadline while upholding quality standards was crucial.

Strategic Precision:

Key Solutions for Efficient and Customized Annotation in a CVAT Project

Navigating the complexities of our project, we embraced a strategic approach marked by precision, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to surpassing client expectations. The success of our endeavor rested on the implementation of the following key solutions:

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CVAT Project Setup

Tailoring the CVAT platform to the client's labeling requirements, we created a seamless and personalized annotation environment.

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Annotator Vetting

Ensuring competence in bounding box annotation, we rigorously tested and vetted annotators with relevant experience

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Parallel Annotation Team

A team of four annotators worked simultaneously, enhancing efficiency for annotating large image volumes.

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Efficient Test Task

Completing a test task with four sets of images within 48 hours, we received positive feedback from the client

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Daily Reporting

The implementation of a time-tracking system and the establishment of a weekly reporting framework were overseen by the Service Lead.


Strict Schedule Adherence

A robust schedule management system ensured annotators consistently met the weekly update deadline of 50,000 annotated images every Friday.

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Annotation QA Specialist

Introducing a dedicated Annotation QA Specialist ensured rigorous checks for high-quality annotations before client submission.

Achievements in Precision, Efficiency, and Quality Assurance

Our dedication to precision, efficiency, and continual improvement yielded notable achievements in the project. These outcomes showcase our capacity to provide exceptional value to the client while fulfilling their primary objectives. Key successes include the swift annotation of 200,000 diverse-quality images within a month, precise bounding box annotation for product defect identification in automation machinery manufacturing, meeting the client’s weekly update requirement without compromising quality, and enhancing quality assurance and accuracy in product defect annotation for improved manufacturing processes.

Few Words About Cooperation with Us


Mobilunity-BPO played a crucial role in addressing our complex challenge of annotating product defects with precision and efficiency. Their strategic approach, from setting up the CVAT platform to managing a parallel annotation team, ensured we not only met but exceeded our expectations. The commitment to strict schedule adherence and daily reporting provided the transparency and accountability we needed.

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