German Development Company Case Study

Excellence in Aerial Forest Tree Annotation for German Development Company

Client’s Background

Our client, a reputable German software development company, specializes in creating cutting-edge solutions. With a strong focus on technology and innovation, they have a track record of delivering high-quality software products and services to their customers.


Client’s Problem

A software development team based in Germany needed an image labeling service to help annotate aerial forest imagery. Their main goal was to accurately identify and outline trees using bounding boxes or polygons for image recognition.


Project Challenge

The main obstacle was finding annotators with the essential technical and soft skills required for precise and consistent tree annotation, especially in a task that could become monotonous due to the limited diversity of images.

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Quality and Transparency 

To meet the unique project requirements, we adopted a meticulous approach that emphasized precision, consistency, and transparency throughout. As a result, we not only met but exceeded the project’s expectations, delivering accurate and high-quality bounding box annotations for the client’s aerial forest photos.


Annotator Selection

We conducted a thorough selection process to identify annotators with a proven track record in bounding box annotation, ensuring they possessed the necessary technical expertise for the project.

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Quality Evaluation

To assess annotation quality,
we have provided a test task to
six different annotators, enabling the client to choose the one whose work best aligned with the defined project's requirements.

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Parallel Annotation Team

Our strategy involved forming a team of two annotators who collaborated in parallel, cross-verifying each other's annotations to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and consistency.

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Current Project

We launched an ongoing project with a monthly target of annotating 50,000 aerial forest photos. To maintain transparency and keep the client updated, we introduced weekly progress reports.

Key milestones and outcomes from this collaboration encompass:

Precision and commitment

Project Outcome

Our unwavering dedication to excellence and precision in aerial forest imagery annotation translated into remarkable achievements for our client. By merging our proficiency with a methodical and committed approach, we realized the following outcomes:

Few Words About Cooperation with Us


Annotating aerial forest imagery is a unique challenge, given the specific requirements for tree annotation. The collaboration between our expert annotators and the client’s development team allowed us to achieve exceptional results. Our commitment to precision and consistency in the annotation process ensured that the client received the high-quality data they needed for image recognition projects.

Kateryna Boiko,
Data Labeling Unit Director

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